25 July 2014

Friday Favourites

Yay it's friday!
Can't wait to relax after a very very long two weeks of straight work.
Here's my friday favourites round-up!

Favourite Summer Accessory:
I think this is such a cute pool float - if only I had a pool!
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24 July 2014

21 July 2014

6 Reasons to Drink More Water

Information from WedMD and Mind Body Green
"It recommends that women consume a total of 91 ounces (that’s about 2.7 liters) per day – from all food and beverages combined. For men, it’s about 125 ounces a day (or 3.7 liters). Depending on your diet, about 25% of the water you consume comes from your food." 
- Leigh Vinocur, MD FACEP, on doctoroz.com

18 July 2014

Friday Favourites

My favourites of the week.

Favourite DIY Idea:
I came across this on Pinterest, and it didn't lead to any link, but I think this is a really cute idea to make plain balloons a little more chic for a party/celebration!

15 July 2014