Friday Favourites: Cozy Holiday

This week I've been relaxing, getting ahead and decorating for the holidays!
I have my tree up, and other accessories and I am so excited - I've even been baking some Christmas treats.
This is our first Christmas in our own place, and we didn't want to spent too much money on decorations. We bought a lot on sale last year, and I also made few things. Our theme is a more organic, traditional christmas, with earthy elements - with a chic spin. I can't wait to share it with you!

Favourite Decor:
Arizona Christmas Decorating Ideas from Country Living
I love the simplicity of this christmas decor. The wreath is just natural and plan, which I really love and the tree has similar tones in the ornaments and decorations. 

Holiday Wallpapers

I am totally one of those people who changes their phone wallpapers according to the season, and because everyone seemed to love my fall phone wallpapers from last year, I thought I would share some of my favourite holiday themed wallpapers!
Click the links below the photo for the full size photo, and to check out the other cool wallpapers by these artists and bloggers.

Friday Favourites: It's almost that time

I thought that I would get back into posting more often, and I kept slacking - I've been really busy working and doing stuff for my interior design courses! 

 It's almost that time of year!!
I am getting very very excited about the holiday and christmas season! 
This weekend I am getting out all of my decorations. It is the first year where I have my own place to decorate!

Favourite Decor:
This blog has some amazing decor ideas for the holidays! I especially love this cute little porch decor - simple and very sweet!

Healthy Pancakes

Healthy Pancakes

These pancakes are light and fluffy, and they are pretty healthy?! I guess it depends on what you consider healthy... but if you want a delicious breakfast, or just a treat, these are perfect!

Friday Favourites: Fall Inspirations

I have been slacking on the Friday Favourites posts lately because I have been so busy with school and work!
I just started a new semester for my Interior Design degree, plus I have a new job, and the Jays are in the play offs, so I went back to my job at the stadium! Exciting but busy times!

Here are some of my favourite Fall Inspirations.

Favourite Decor:
I love seeing new ideas about decorating for seasons! If you click the link above, there are a few great ideas for decorating for fall. I have a lot of pumpkins right now, so it's interesting to see how they used the pumpkins to decorate with!

Friday Favourites: Fall is in the Air

It may still be warm out - but there have been some colder days, and at work we are getting in all the fall clothing.
I have so many fall inspired things that I want to do!
This weeks Friday Favourites are inspired by all my fall ideas.

Favourite Decor:
Home Decor Swaps for Fall from
For fall, there are so many great ways to change up the decor, adding warmer colours, throw blankets and pillows, fall scented candles. I am doing this in my apartment over the next few weeks - can't wait!

Single Serve Snickerdoodle Cake

Single Serve Snickerdoodle Cake

This recipe is perfect for when you want a piece of cake, but don't actually want to bake a whole cake. It is the perfect size and really delicious!