DIY Starbucks Sparkle Travel Mug

This DIY was inspired by many sparkle Starbucks tumblers that I have seen on Pinterest, but I am a tea drinker, and wanted to adapt this design for hot drinks, in travel mugs. If you prefer to make a Starbucks Sparkle tumbler, the idea is the same!

 What you need for this project is Mod Podge (or white glue), a paint brush, Glitter, a Starbucks "Create-Your-Own" Travel Mug, and scissors.

I ordered my Starbucks Travel Mug online, because I couldn't find it in local stores.

 I started by removing the plastic "Create-Your-Own" piece, by untwisting the travel mug.
 I then added Mod Podge to the plastic with a paint brush.
 Then I shook the glitter all over the wet Mod Podge.
After an hour, I gently shook off the excess glitter, and put it back into the glitter container.
Next, check to see if the glitter plastic piece will fit back in the clear outer layer of the travel mug. I found I needed to cut about a 1cm off of one side.
Once you have inserted your glitter plastic piece back into the clear part of the travel mug, and you have a good fit, put the black inside piece back in and screw it tight together.

Another way of doing this is just buying a piece of glitter paper which you could pick up at a craft store such as Michaels or any scrapbooking store. 

If your Create-Your-Own travel mug does not come with the inner plastic piece that I added sparkle too, you could simply use a piece of thin cardboard from a cereal box for example. If you do this, make sure to make sure the cardboard fits in before you add the Mod Podge or Sparkles.

Good Luck!

If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.


  1. It's beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing!!

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