Friday Favourites: Holiday Green

After what seems like one of the longest weeks, we finally made it to Friday! I don't know if it is waking up to darkness and getting home to darkness, or the early snow this year but I feel exhausted. This felt like such a long week and I am ready for some rest this weekend. Even though, I am pretty positive I won't rest and it will end up being busy! I still have some more holiday decor to sort out. Anyone else?!
I hope you enjoy these holiday greens that inspired me this week. I love how classy it looks at home and as fashion for the holiday season!

Favourite Home:
Image found on Pinterest via Instagram
This space is so unique and gorgeous. I love the space even before the gorgeous Christmas decor is added! Though, I also love the blue and green mix of decor!

DIY Christmas Decor

I have always had a love for DIY projects and around the holidays it is so nice to add personal touches through DIY's to your home or even to gifts. These are some of my favourite ideas I have come across and I am hoping to try many of these this holiday season.
Below each image is a link to the DIY and image source.

Please note that I do not own any of these photos. The image sources are linked below the image.
Such a fun Christmas countdown idea using an old window pane and dry erase markers! Love the boxwood wreath and old truck too! #easydecorations #christmasdecor #christmascountdown #countdowntochristmas

Cozy Holiday Pjs

I absolutely love Christmas pjs so I had to share some of my 2019 favourites. I am pretty positive that all of these are under $50 and some are as low as $8. If you see a set that you love, but only want the pants - chances are that the retailer sells just the pants, vice versa! 
At the bottom of each image you will find a list of numbers that will take you to the retailers site to buy the pjs are check out more details. There is a mixture of cotton, spandex, fleece and flannel pjs so I hope there is something for everyone. Also, many of these retailers sell matching sets so the whole family can cozy up in matching pjs for the holidays. 
I love having everyone in the family in Christmas pjs on Christmas morning, so I always gift them the night before!
Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase an item from one of these websites, I make a small commission!

This Week in Photos...

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I decided on Sunday's I am going to do a little reflection on my week on Instagram and post all of my photos here and write a little bit about what I was up to this week. Some weeks it might be incredible dull, others might be a bit more exciting. 
My week on Instagram is still photos from San Francisco - another week or two and then holiday content will be coming your way!
Palace Hotel, San Francisco

Friday Favourites: Warm Holiday Weekend

Happy F R I D A Y!
I am so excited for the weekend because I am going to put up by Christmas decorations this weekend and possibly do a little shopping for more decor.
It's also been a super busy week, especially if you have been keeping up with me on Instagram, I have tried to take you along for my week. I have been to a few different events such as Hunter, Soia & Kyo, done a little bit of shopping! I saved them to my highlights section, so you can still find them if you missed them!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Also, don't forget that the 20% off Sephora Sale is on and I have linked all of my favourites that I truly use on a say to day basis. You can find the post here

Favourite Home:
- Since Christmas is many people's favorite holiday, indoor Christmas decorations are often highly sought after items after the Thanksgiving holiday pas...
From via Pinterest
I can't wait to have a kitchen in my home one day with a sweet little island and stools to hang little wreaths on like this!

Holiday Mantle Inspirations

Happy Wednesday! Getting back into my home decor Wednesday posts just in time for the Holiday's!
I am hoping to post more often leading up to the holiday's because I love this time of year and love all of the decor, baking and fashions! Also, I decided I am going to start a new post each week with all of the photos I posted on Instagram, details to all of the looks I wore and little life updates. Hopefully that is something you will enjoy!?
I am putting up my Christmas decorations this weekend, so I wanted to share a little bit of inspirations and this week I have been thinking of Fireplace Mantles and how I can't wait to have a cute one of my own to decorate. Honestly, I am so tempted to get a little electric one but I am not sure my boyfriend would agree. We'll see, maybe next year?
Instagram: @theblooming nest or
I wasn't planning on writing little captions under each photo, however, I love the Blooming Nest. I follow her on Instagram, so definitely check her out. Her decor is so cute!!!

What I Wore in San Francisco

I was only in San Francisco area for 3 nights, so I tried to pack as light as possible and ensure my outfits were really flexible and each item could be worn in multiple ways.
My coat was under C$100 and perfect in all situations on this trip. I also picked up the really fluffy sweater while I was away and I am in love with it! I also had one really lovely "silky" top that was perfect for casual and dressy times as well as a cream cashmere sweater.
I will link all of these items below, including the curler I use for my hair!
*Please note affiliate links are used in this post*
Sweater / Purse (similar) / Hair Curler