Friday Favourites: Thanksgiving Weekend

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and it is always my favourite time of the year. Since I was little, we would go up to the cottage, go for walks in the crisp fall air with the colourful fall leaves. Then, come back to the cozy cottage with the fire going, maybe have something delicious with tea, and also enjoy a thanksgiving dinner! I am really looking forward to it and wanted to some some of my inspiration and favourites from this week.
fall porch, Colorful Farmhouse Fall Porch Steps
Colourful Fall Porch Steps from
We are only at the cottage this weekend and next, so maybe this is crazy, but I reallllly want to do something cute like this on the porch! I love this so much.

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Ever since I was a little girl, setting the table for big family dinners was always a favourite job of mine. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter ... I love pouring my creativity into it!
 I wanted to share all of my favourites from this year that are inspiring my ideas for my Thanksgiving table setting!
The creators of these beautiful table settings are cited below each photo. Also, in most cases there are even more photos and details if you click the link below the photo.
As always with these type of inspiration posts, please note that none of these images are my own and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Elegant, Neutral Thanksgiving Table Decor: get the best tips for creating a gorgeous, elegant Thanksgiving table SIMPLY with this video tutorial!
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Thanksgiving Looks

Over the weekend I took a little trip out of the city to Knox Pumpkin Farm in Clarington, which is about 25 minutes from where I grew up. I shot lots of different looks to share with you over the next little while. While putting this post together, I realized there are a lot of cute outfits that would be perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner because in Canada, it is this coming weekend!
I have shared 3 different looks below, as well I have linked all of the items for you. 
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Friday Favourites: Maple Pie

It's a beautiful crisp fall Friday in Toronto! I don't think we have quite adjusted yet as the weather has been flip flopping around, but I think I got the memo and wore a cozy sweater to work today. I need to do a little bit of a wardrobe check for my coats though, I may be in need of a new one for fall! I am also dying to get a tan/camel leather bag and I am having so much trouble finding something I like. 
I feel like tomorrow I will be running all over the place. I am heading to a cute pumpkin farm, having a cute fall morning, then back to Toronto to meet a friend for tea and making dinner for a little dinner party we are having! 
I hope you have something lovely planned to celebrate fall, or prep for Canadian Thanksgiving!

Favourite Table Setting:
In honour of thanksgiving, and my cute little dinner party tomorrow, I had to share this cute little set up! I hadn't really thought about making the table cute for saturday as the dinner is a little unplanned, but now I am definitely doing something cute, so if you follow me on Instagram, check my stories and I will share the cute set up!

New Project Home Inspirations

I just started working on a new project and it is my biggest to date!
While we aren't quite at the stage of picking out furniture or these sort of details, I have started musing. I've mentioned it before, sometimes I just start pinning things to Pinterest boards, and then realize that I have a theme building. While I have no idea if this style will work for the project at this point, I can still daydream about it until we move on to that stage. 
As always with these type of inspiration posts, please note that none of these images are my own and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Image from via Pinterest

Outfits to Wear with Hunter Boots

I got my first pair of Hunter Boots in Grade 12 and have loved wearing them through every season, but Fall is always my favourite. The combination of pants, skirts and dresses always wins my heart so I wanted to share some of my favourite looks with Hunter Boots!

Please note that none of these images below are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.

Fall Treats to Inspire

I have finally made it to the little break in-between my terms for courses and I always end up baking way more during that time!  Of course, I had to round up all of my favourite recipes that I have pinned and hope to try through my break and fall. I always think of crisp fall weekends at the cottage. Baking something delicious to have after a walk, with a hot cup of tea. I hope this inspires you to do a little fall baking, or gives you a head start on Thanksgiving weekend baking ideas.  I split this post up into Pumpkin and Apple recipes so you can easily pick through them. 
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Caramel Apple Dutch Baby
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Caramel Apple Dutch Baby from