Swift Family Christmas Tree Farm

Hey Lovers! 
I know so many of you absolutely loved the sweatshirts I designed and printed with @nataliaimaan to celebrate Christmas Tree Farm being released.

I really wanted to share this design with you for free. The one thing I do ask, is that you will check out my Instagram page @emscourtney, and if you like my feed, give me a follow.

Please click here to download the photo from Google Drive.
This download is for personal use only! It can't be used for resale or printed onto commercial items.

Note that the background of the image is transparent so it can be put onto any colour of item without having a white background. This might make the image show as black/dark grey when you open it - that is okay!

Tag me/send me a photo if you print this photo onto a sweatshirt or anything! I’d love to see what you create! 

Thank you so much and happy Swiftmas and HoliTAY's!

More Details:
You can use this image to upload to a custom sweatshirt/merch site or, you could take the image to a local print shop.

I designed this yesterday and then we went to a local print shop and had the design printed onto sweatshirts in 5 minutes. They were printed 12.5" wide across the chest of the sweatshirts.

If you live in Toronto, check out Toronto Tees. This is where we had ours made!
If you want to order it online there are some amazing sites, I will list a few below.

We removed the background of the image, so this means it will print on a sweatshirt, or any item you want without leaving a white background - it will show the colour of the item you pick!
If you need any other help, please please reach out to me on Instagram, Twitter or email.

Here is an image you could show the print shop if that helps!

Also, some more inspo! I am getting this printed on a mug from Vistaprint using promo code "CHEER" - only $10 + shipping!

Online stores to print your own items:



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