Easter Bunting

Love this Easter bunting from May Books
You could even use it past Easter!
Download it here.

Just print it out (I printed two pages per one page - so they are smaller), cut them, and glue or tape them to some string, I used hemp, as I thought it gave a more organic look.

Hang it up and enjoy!

Easy Chevron Nails

Seriously the easiest way to get perfect and cute chevron nails.
You could add some polka dots in, and they would look Easter themed!
You need clear tape, nail polish and crinkle scissors.
Start by painting a strip of polish on the tape.
Wait for it to dry completely, then cut strips with the crinkle scissors.
Stick the design on to your finger nail, and cut the edges so there is no over-hang.
Then cover the chevron nail with clear polish to seal.

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Monogram Chevron Pillow DIY

This is one of my favourite DIY's so far, super cute to have your own custom decorative pillow!
They were inspired by For Chic Sake.
For this DIY you will need a cotton pillow case, batting and iron-on transfer paper, along with an inkjet printer and a needle and thread, and a sewing machine if you have one.
This will also work if you buy a decorative cotton pillow, and just want to iron on the design.
First you are going print off the design.

Follow the iron-on transfer instructions.
Make sure when you print, you change the settings to flip horizontally, so when you iron it on, the letter is facing the right way and isn't backwards. 

If you have problems finding this setting, look here for help. Printing on a PC is a little difficult, but some printers have a T-Shirt setting, or something along those lines. If you are really having problems, email me or comment in the post, and I can flip the letter for you and send it back!
Next, make sure your pillow is the right side out, and line up your pattern, the design facing down and iron it on. I used the cotton setting on my iron. 
You need to press and iron on the design equally, and for quite a while as you want to make sure you get the whole design transferred onto the pillow.
You can check if it is on by lifting up the corner. 
If it isn't transferred, keep ironing until you can pull it off.
If you pillow is a little wrinkled, you can iron it, but make you you put the transfer paper back on top. If you iron the design without the paper, you may ruin it.

Next you need to turn the pillow case inside-out.
Stitch along the sides of the pillow to close the edges. 
 Make sure to leave a little gap where you can put in the pillow batting, and backstitch so the stitching doesn't unravel.
Turn the pillow back the right way, and then add in the batting.
As you can see, my design didn't completely transfer the design on, but this gives it more of a shabby-chic look.

Next you need to stitch up your hole.
Now you're finished!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY.

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Bath & Body Works Freebie

If you like Bath & Body Works like I do, I'm sure you'll love this freebie.
Happy Long Weekend everyone!
Click here to Print.

Chalkboard Frame DIY

Very simple DIY! 
I bought this frame at Dollarama, it was actually a mirror, and the chalkboard paint is Krylon, from Canadian Tire. 
Note that you don't have to use the spray on chalkboard paint, you can also use the paint on kind.

First, I started by taking the mirror out of the frame. Be careful, as the mirror may be sharp! Also, make sure not to break it! 
If you do break it, this DIY will still work, just get thin cardboard (from a cereal box for example) and glue it to the mirror, and cut it to the same shape of the mirror (the mirror is just used to make it stronger)
Next, spray the chalkboard paint on the mirror, getting an even coverage. Read the instructions on the back of the can before using!
Wait until the paint is completely dry!
Then, you can put the mirror now chalkboard, back into the frame and you're finished!

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How to Fold a Bunny Napkin

Just found this really cute tutorial on how to fold Bunny Napkins from Taste of Home.
Such a cute idea for setting the table for Easter Dinner!

How to Fold a Bunny Napkin
Step 1
Find the center along the top fold and fold the top corners down, making sure the bottom ends are even.

How to Fold a Bunny Napkin
Step 2
Fold up the outside bottom corners.

How to Fold a Bunny Napkin
Step 3
Fold left and right sides so that they meet in the centre.

How to Fold a Bunny Napkin
Step 4
Turn the napkin over and flip the top to bottom. Fold bottom point up.

How to Fold a Bunny Napkin
Step 5
Fold the left and right corners to the back and tuck one corner into the other to hold.

How to Fold a Bunny Napkin
Step 6
Hold the tucked corners securely and pull out the bunny ears on the other end.

Check out some more Easter centrepieces on their website here.

UPDATE: If you're having trouble with this one, you can also check out another version here.

More Easter Inspiration and Printables

Recently, I've been working on a really cute Monogram Pillow DIY and some other great DIYs coming soon.
But until then, here are some more Easter inspirations and printables - just in case the first set of Easter printables weren't enough!

Here are some cute Easter Egg Cupcakes by Kat Boyes.

More printables I love:
Amanda's Parties TO GO set can be downloaded here
eighteen25's Spring Subway Art can be downloaded here
Aly&Ash's cupcake toppers can be downloaded here

Easter Treats and Printables

Just in time for Easter, here are some great ideas and printables!
Here is an amazing easter print out set I found.
I used the cupcake wraps, blank tent cards, and the Happy Easter sign, which I printed half the size. If you wish to print half the size, open in Adobe Reader, then when you go to print, select multiple and print 2 pages per page.
The first Easter treat, which is my favourite, are the butterfly cupcakes. 
These are carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese icing. This post is more about decorating the cupcakes than making them. You can download the recipe here, or you can cheat a bit and just buy a cake mix and cream cheese icing pre made. I chose carrot cake, because bunnies eat carrots, and I grew up thinking that they were something to eat for Easter! 

You can make this with any cake and icing you wish! These don't have to be just for Easter, they can just be for Spring in general! 
This is what you will need:
Pretzels, Green m&m's, dark "stick" sprinkles, icing, piping bag and tip, food colouring, and the cupcake wraps (optional).
Put the tip in your piping bag, and twist the top of the bag so icing doesn't come out. Start from the outer edge of the cupcake, and you basically are drawing a spiral with the icing, and when you get to the centre you stop. 
You may want to put your cupcakes in the fridge so the icing sets, and doesn't start to fall off. 
After, you need to put two pretzels in for the butterfly wings, like in this picture:
Next, you need to make a little bit of blue icing, to pipe in between the wings, for the butterfly's body.
To get this colour, the back of the food colouring suggested 1 drop of green and 3 drops of blue.
I didn't have a piping bag tip the right size, so I cute a small corner off of a ziplock bag, and did 3-4 little dots with it. 
Then I added one green m&m for the head, and two purple sprinkles for little antennas. 
Inspired by the one and only Martha Stewart.

The next Easter treat are the Pilsbury Easter sugar cookies. 
This one is pretty easy. You need Pilsbury Easter cookies, and Sprinkles!
All you do is roll the edges of the cookies in sprinkles, before placing them on the baking tray. I put them on sticks and put them in the grass just for display.
Just make sure when you place them on the baking tray, you give them enough space as they do flatten out, and look better when they are cooked.
Follow the instructions on the box for cooking.

The next and final easter treat are chocolate covered strawberries, which end up looking like little carrots.
For these treats, all you need are strawberries, white chocolate, and food colouring.
Start by washing your strawberries, and melting the white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. 
I did increments of 25 seconds. Make sure you don't burn it!
Then, follow the instructions on the food colouring box to make orange. Mine required 2 drops of red and 13 drops of yellow. I found that the food colouring made the melted chocolate harder, so I added a little water and mixed it up.
The I dipped the strawberries in the chocolate, trying to cover as much of the red as I could.
Place them in the fridge to set the chocolate, and also until serving.

I hope this inspires you to start your Easter baking.

If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.

DIY Sparkle Key

This DIY was inspired by A Bubbly Life and all the sparkle DIY's out there at the moment, such as my  Starbucks Sparkle Travel Mug DIY.

What you will need for this DIY is Mod Podge, Nail polish, Sparkles, Paint Brush, Tape, and a Key.
 First you need to tape the bottom of the key on both sides. This way you have a perfect line, and you don't get glue and sparkles on the part that unlocks your door.
 Next you need to apply Mod Podge to both sides of the key. Make sure there is no excess.
 Next shake your sparkles all over the Mod Podge, so the key is completely covered.
 Now you need to let it dry for about an hour.
Next, add a coat of clear nail polish over top. You need to do this, or the glitter will come off everywhere! Let the nail polish dry. What you can do is stick the key in the lock so you don't have any smudges. You may need to add two coats of clear nail polish.
Make sure the key is dry before you use it.
I added a ribbon to one of my keys, for when I am going out and want to slip it in my wristlet.

Hope yours turns out well!

If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.