Monogram Chevron Pillow DIY

This is one of my favourite DIY's so far, super cute to have your own custom decorative pillow!
They were inspired by For Chic Sake.
For this DIY you will need a cotton pillow case, batting and iron-on transfer paper, along with an inkjet printer and a needle and thread, and a sewing machine if you have one.
This will also work if you buy a decorative cotton pillow, and just want to iron on the design.
First you are going print off the design.

Follow the iron-on transfer instructions.
Make sure when you print, you change the settings to flip horizontally, so when you iron it on, the letter is facing the right way and isn't backwards. 

If you have problems finding this setting, look here for help. Printing on a PC is a little difficult, but some printers have a T-Shirt setting, or something along those lines. If you are really having problems, email me or comment in the post, and I can flip the letter for you and send it back!
Next, make sure your pillow is the right side out, and line up your pattern, the design facing down and iron it on. I used the cotton setting on my iron. 
You need to press and iron on the design equally, and for quite a while as you want to make sure you get the whole design transferred onto the pillow.
You can check if it is on by lifting up the corner. 
If it isn't transferred, keep ironing until you can pull it off.
If you pillow is a little wrinkled, you can iron it, but make you you put the transfer paper back on top. If you iron the design without the paper, you may ruin it.

Next you need to turn the pillow case inside-out.
Stitch along the sides of the pillow to close the edges. 
 Make sure to leave a little gap where you can put in the pillow batting, and backstitch so the stitching doesn't unravel.
Turn the pillow back the right way, and then add in the batting.
As you can see, my design didn't completely transfer the design on, but this gives it more of a shabby-chic look.

Next you need to stitch up your hole.
Now you're finished!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY.

If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.

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