I added a new page where I will upload future printables.
Here is my recipe card printable, available in 4 different colours!

I also have added complete recipe cards for The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies and Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites.

These recipes cards can be printed out double sided on cardstock, or you can cheat like me, and print one tester copy, and then tape 4x6 index cards to right spot on your tester paper, and reprint onto them. Print the front side of the recipe card onto the blank side of the index card.



  1. Love the look of these. My question is... do I have to become a "member" in order to download them? When I click on the link and then on the blue "download" button, it wants me to sign up.

    1. I made these a while ago, so the host site changed from how it used to be. I have now changed it to a google document. Please let me know if the links can now be downloaded from google docs.

  2. Yup it worked perfectly. Thanks!