Diagonal Nail: how-to

Thought this was a simple yet cute nail design.
There is the plain coloured nail design, and also the sparkle one!
Couldn't make up my mind today.
 All you need is nail polish and tape.
I used Turquoise & Caicos, and Set in Stones by Essie.

Start by placing the tape diagonally on your nail, and then paint the rest of the nail with your colour of choice! 
 The colour I used needed two coats, so I left the tape on until I had finished the second coat. 
When the nail is dry, or almost dry, you can remove the tape.
So simple! 
Make sure to do a top coat to make it last as long as possible!

Here is what inspired me - my phone!
I just got a mint coloured case, and a sparkly screen protector.
I got a few iPhone 4/4S sparkly screen protectors, so if you want to buy one just email me here or comment below!


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