Glass Etching DIY

I've always wanted to give this a try, it's a cute way to personalize glasses.
You need something to etch, such as a glass, Etching creme such as Armour Etch, something to apply the creme with, and painting tape or a stencil.
I wanted to make this martini glass striped, which is a lot hard than you think! I ended up just doing one stripe at the top. 
 When it was putting the etching creme on this glass above, I put it face down on paper so that I did not get the etching creme inside the glass.

The martini glass below, I made triangle's, just applying a somewhat of a thick coat in the areas on the top that aren't taped. 
It suggests that you leave the etching creme on for 60 seconds, but I found I needed to leave it a little longer than that. For 2-3 minutes.

Then you just pull of your tape or stencil, and wash away the creme, and dry the glass after to reveal your newly etched glass!
 I tried to do a monogram glass, by sticking letter stickers.
Make sure that the stickers, are actually shaped like the letter. I have some stickers, where the colour showed the letter, but the outline was just a circle.
I found with this glass, I did not put enough etching creme on, or leave it for long enough. 
 As long as you leave the creme long enough, you will have beautifully etched glasses after!
 These two turned out the best!

 I will add more as I do them, I had some really pretty stencils, I just can't find them!

Hope you enjoy this DIY!

You can also do this to jars and vases!

If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.

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