Closet Dividers Printable

I always see closet dividers for babies, to help mums sort out the sizes - but I wanted them for my closet!
I thought this would be a great idea to help divide work clothes, casual clothes, etc!
I originally got the template from House 36, which can be found here.

I got these printed out double sided on cardstock, and then laminated. 
Then I cut them out - fast and simple!
Print the pdf from here.


If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.


  1. Hi,

    I'm curious how you got your closet dividers with different patterns. The template doesn't come that way and I can't figure out how to alter it.


    1. Hi Jan,

      The link at the top is just to credit the original creator of the blank template, further down is the pdf I made, with the patterns.

      You can also copy and paste the link here:

      I hope this helps.



    2. I'm sorry that I wasn't clear, Emma. I meant what did you use to alter the blank template to create/choose your colors & designs?

      Thanks again!

    3. Oh, sorry!

      I am a mac user, so I just used preview. I made two copies of the template. On one template, I used the wand-like tool to remove all of the middle of the dividers. Next, I pasted the patterns on the second template, over top of the dividers (just using this copy of the dividers to guide the placement of the patterns). Once I had all six patterns covering the dividers, I copied and pasted the first template (with the middles removed from the dividers), on top of the second copy, so the pattern shows through the first template. I hope that makes sense? Feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to help you do it!



  2. Thanks Emma ! These are awesome !

  3. How can you write something on these, i.e. (0 - 3), (4 - 6), etc? and how do you make the colors darker? I like these designs, but would like them darker.

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