Canada Day Printables and Ideas!

Canada day is tomorrow and if you are still in need of some cute ideas - here they are!

These cute beaver cupcakes are from Canadian Living.
Click here for the recipe.

Cute Moose Sandwiches from Canadian family, click here.

To print this Canada Day subway art from it works for bobbie, click here.
 To print this Canada Day bunting, click here.

For the recipe for these cute red and white popsicles from Baker's Royale, click here.
For the printable and instructions for this pinwheel craft from DLTK-kids, click here.

For Canada Day cupcake toppers:
(click the pictures)

For more great recipes, check out my Sweet Tooth page, you could also make some Canada Day inspired cake pops.
I hope everyone has a safe and fun Canada Day!


Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

Summer inspired and easy, pink lemonade cupcakes with a mini cupcake wrapper printable!

Vanilla Cake Box
3 eggs
½ cup of Vegetable Oil
¼ cup of Water
¾ cup of Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate Mix (thawed)

1lb powdered sugar (3 ¾ cup)
3 tablespoons Frozen Pink Lemonade Mix
½ cup of butter

Preheat the oven to 350°F
Prepare the batter as directed on the box. 
Beat the 3 eggs, vegetable oil, water and thawed lemonade mix, slowly adding the box mix. 
Add pink food colouring if desired.
Bake as per box instructions.
Approximately 18-20 minutes.

I used a mini cupcake maker, and they took about 5 minutes to bake in it.
If you are unsure, stick a toothpick in the cakes, and if it comes out clean, they are finished, if not, bake them for a little longer.

When cupcakes are cool, prepare the icing. 
Melt the butter, add in the thawed lemonade mix, and start with only 3 cups of the powdered sugar, add powdered sugar if needed to reach the icing consistency.

Print the mini cupcake wrapper printable here.

Print the recipe card here.

If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.

DIY Hair Dryer/Straightener Storage Solution

Since I moved to my new place, I was tired of having my hair dryer, straighter, products and all of that showing and being a mess.

This is a very simple DIY solution to the mess!

All you need is a basket and 3M hooks.

The basket is from Ikea and the hooks can be found at most home improvement stores, mine are from Canadian Tire.

First I made sure there were two spots on one side of the basket, where I could put the hooks in.
The hooks I bought are .5lbs, but I would suggest buying one to hold heavier things, at least 1lb.

I followed the instructions on the 3M hooks, and lined them up on the side of my dresser.
I put the hooks in the basket, and then pressed the sticky side of the hooks to the dresser, to make sure they were in the right spot.

DIY: Pet Bed

The past week my boyfriend adopted a baby bunny - the cutest ever!
Thumper is 6 weeks old, and full of personality.
I found the idea for this DIY from Sewplicity.
For the full DIY from Sewplicity, you can visit here.
I made this pet bed from a pair red river/work socks, and a little extra piece of upholstery fabric for the base, along with stuffing/batting to make it soft.

I cut the toe of each sock, and sewed the two together, putting the seams on the inside of the sock tube.
I found the best way to do this was turning one sock inside out, and leaving one sock the right way. Then pulling the right way sock, through the tube of the wrong way sock, and sewing one of the ends together. When you pull them out, it then makes one big tube. I did the sewing by hand.

From there I stuffed the tubes with stuffing/batting, and then sewed the final ends together, creating an O. 

The base was made from two square of material. I put the O on top of the fabric, so I could get an idea of the size I needed, and then cut two pieces, and put some of the stuffing/batting inbetween them.

Next, I used the technique from sewplicity, sewing the base to the O, and then turning it inside out.

I used iron on transfer paper to make the little name tag for the front, and sewed it on.

Very quick and simple - and he loves it!

If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.

Chocolate Guinness Cake

This cake is a favourite of my family, and is perfect for Father's Day!
My sister found this recipe in Nigella's book, and has made it many times since.
My Dad loves Guinness, and this is one of his favourite cakes.
I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it would taste like Guinness - but it is simply an amazing chocolate cake!



1 cup of Guinness
8.83 oz butter 
¾ cup of unsweetened cocoa
2 cup of granulated sugar
¾ cup of sour cream
2 eggs
1 tablespoons of vanilla extract
2 cups of all-purpose flour
2 ½ tablespoons of baking soda


8 oz. of cream cheese
1 ¼ cups of  icing sugar
½ cup of whipping cream

Preheat the oven to 350°F

Pour the Guinness into a large saucepan, add the butter and melt. Once the butter is melted, whisk in the cocoa and sugar.

Beat the sour cream with eggs and vanilla in a separate bowl. Pour mixture into the saucepan with the other mixture.
Whisk in the flour and the baking soda

Pour the mixture into a greased/lined 9-inch spring form baking tin.

Bake for 45 minutes

Once the cake has cooled, whip the cream cheese until smooth, and beat the icing sugar with the cream cheese.
Add in the whipping cream, and beat again.

Ice the top of the cake so that it resembles the frothy top of Guinness.

Makes approx. 12 slices.

Print the recipe card here.