DIY: Urban Outfitter Inspired Curtains

To make this Urban Outfitters inspired curtains, you will need two pieces of fabric, and thread to sew with.
I measured the size of the window I wanted to cover, and added 4 inches (for the curtain rod loop - this depends on the diameter of your curtain rod) and 15 inches (for the gathering at the bottom). I also added 2 inches to the width for the seams.

To start, I measured and cut the fabric. 
I used a sheer fabric with a pattern, and then a solid white fabric for the back.
I started by folding the side edges over about 1.5 cm, and pinning them.
Then, I lightly ironed the edges to  hold the fold.
Then, I stitched down where I just folded.
I used the edge of the presser foot as a guide (and to help me sew straight).
Then, repeat the folding and pinning (and ironing) for the bottom of the curtain, this time folding up an inch. 
Do not sew the seam for the bottom yet!

One I did this, I wanted to find the 1/4 marks, where I was adding the ties (where the curtains pull up).
I folded the fabric in half, and then half again. 
Looking at the bottom of the curtain, I then marked each of the folds with a pin, and unfolded it.
Once I had the fabric unfolded, the two outer marks (1/4 and 3/4 marks) were the ones that you want to add the ties to.
(Making the middle section, the biggest)
See in the final picture, the middle section is the biggest.
The 1/4 section is where the tie is on the left, and the 3/4 section is where the tie is on the right.
Then at these two marks, one at 1/4 and one at 3/4, I measured an inch, and placed two pins.
Then, I cut where the pins were.
Then, the middle section, in between the two cuts, I folded that fabric under the white fabric.
Hopefully the picture makes more sense.
Then, using the presser foot as a guide, sew along the bottom of the curtain.
When you reach your 1/4 and 3/4 marks, where it is pinned as in the picture above, backstitch, and do not sew past the pins.
You need to be able to put the tie up through this 1 inch space at the 1/4 and 3/4 marks  

Now, you are going to sew from the pins on either side of the 1 inch space, at the 1/4 and 3/4 marks.

This is creating a guide for the ties.
To help with this, I folded the edge of the curtain over to use as a guide, to make sure I was sewing straight.

This picture shows the first line of stitching, and then the start of the second.
Next, I made the ties.
I took the sheer fabric, the length of the curtain plus 4 inches, and then 2 inches wide.
Two of these are needed. One for each side (1/4 and 3/4).

I pinned them in half (wrong side of the fabric facing out), and sewed down the side, using the presser foot as a guide.
Then I turned the ties, the right side out. 
Then I pulled the ties up through the guides in the fabric. 
I pinned them at the top of the curtain to keep them in place.
Then I stitched along the top, where the ties were pinned in place - this is to make sure you don't pull them out.
Next, I turned the top of the curtain over.
I turned it over about 2 inches. It depends how wide your curtain rod is.
I pinned it in place, ironed it, and then stitched along the bottom, which is the left of the picture.
Now your curtains are ready to hang!
The Urban Outfitters version is a little "floppier," to get this look, you could use two pieces of sheer fabric. I used a sheer fabric and a solid cotton fabric.

If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.

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