DIY: Tea Tray Makeover

My Dad is very handy and loves making things, and made a few lovely tea trays but this one got some paint splatters on it, so I wanted to cover those up.
I decided on a stripe pattern, so I divided the tray up in to 1/4's.
I measured the width of the tray, and divided it by 4, and then marked the 1/4's with a pencil.
The I used painted tape to mark every other line.
The lines look uneven, but this is because I was painted two different colours.
This way, I started with the left stripe, and then the 3rd stripe.
I painted them silver, but then I realised it would look a lot better white.
I let the paint dry, and then used painters tape again to mark out the other stripes that were still natural wood, to paint them the blue colour.

After, I printed out a big letter E and outlined it with a gold sharpie.
This is what it looked like after:
Then I carefully painted between the lines with a gold acrylic paint.
I did two coats of the gold paint.
I recommend spraying or painting on a protective clear coat to seal all of the paint in, and give it all a glossy coat.
If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section, or email me.

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