Ombre Heart Corkboard DIY

After saving wine corks for the past two months from various lovely people, I have finally been able to complete this DIY for you!

I saw this a while ago and loved it.

All you need is approx. 60 wine corks from all different types of wines, so that the stain on the corks are different, some cardboard/paper and a hot melt glue gun, as well as something to hang it when you're finished (I used picture hanging wire).

I started by printing this heart half, and then printing the flipped version. I cut them out and then glued them together. If you're wondering why I did this, it's because I wanted a perfect heart, and my printer only prints standard paper size.

Next, I glued the heart to cardboard.

Then I cut the heart out. 

Then using masking tape, I taped around the edges of the heart, because when the heart is finished, if you look closely you can see the cardboard (I wanted to make it look a little less cardboard-y).

Then I arranged all my wine corks from lightest to darkest, and began at the top and started gluing them with a hot melt glue gun. I made sure I covered the whole bottom of the cork to make sure they would have a good stick.

Next, I started gluing some of the bottom corks, but you don't have to do this. I just had a lot more dark coloured corks, and was worried how the middle of the heart would turn out. 

Then once I had glued all of my corks on, I turned over the cork board, and glued on some picture hanging wire, so I could hang it on the wall.

Great way to reuse old wine corks!


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