Travelista: Travel Must-Haves

Travelista by emmacourtneyy

Today I am going on holiday to England so I thought I would share some of my travel must-haves and tips!

Perfect for carry-on luggage - stylist and fits all the necessities for the plane

Cute way to cover your passport and hold important travel details

The best, lightweight suitcases out there, and this one has four wheels to make it easier to pull and turn!
I have had mine for a few years and I love it!

Perfect for travel - watch videos, listen to music, read, store notes, take pictures, surf the internet on wifi hotspots and share memories. Definitely a favourite of mine for travelling because you have pretty much everything you could need from a laptop but in a smaller format.

Right now I am in love with this iPad mini folio, but it isn't available in Canada! I love that it is like a little book - like when people used to carry around a filofax (or at least that's what it reminds me of) and it's really cute too! Perfect way to protect your iPad.

Toiletry bags are essential to keep everything organized and fill with all of the cute mini sized products. You can pick up mini travel toiletries at drugstores and wal-mart.

Perfume Atomizer's are perfect to bring your favourite perfume with you on holiday.
Evolution of Smooth products are a favourite of mine because they are natural and hypoallergenic. These are perfect for travel and flights because I always get dry skin and chapped lips on flights. You can find these on the site below, and at Shoppers Drugmart and many other stores.
$3.29, $3.99

Hand sanitizer is great for travelling because you never know what you could pick up from people.
Sweet Pea is one of my favourite scents from Bath and Body Works.

Some other things that I find are very helpful on a flight are big comfy sweaters, and tall socks! I always freeze on flights, so the extra comfy sweater and socks really help warm me up! I also buy a bottle of water or vitamin water, airside (after security) that I can take on the plane with me so I have water when I need it and don't have to ask. I always try to wear flip flops or really comfy shoes, because when you're in a plane things swell, and if you wear really cute flats on the plane, even if they are comfy, they won't be with swollen feet when you land! I always bring a hair elastic because my hair get's very staticy and is flying everywhere the whole flight. I also bring my make-up essentials and a tooth brush (and toothpaste) to freshen up when I land.

Being in a plane dehydrates me, and also makes me very dry, so bringing cream and lip balm is important but try not to bring really scented creams which may bother you and other passengers after a while.


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