Cheesecake Pops

One of my good friend and co-worker's birthday was on Friday, and all week she was telling me I should make her cheesecake - so I decided to do even better and try making cheesecake pops.
I saved a few for myself and they are so amazing!

There are a few ways to do this, buy a premade cheesecake or bake one yourself.
I used this 3-step cheesecake recipe here.
You also need candy melts and lollypop sticks - you can buy these at craft and baking stores such as Michaels, or places like Bulk Barn.
Then, once it was cooked and chilled I rolled little balls, and put them in my mould for size reference (which you don't need to do).

Then I put them in the freezer to harden a little.

After about 15-20 minutes I removed the cheesecake balls from the freezer.
I melted chocolate chips, and dipped the lollypop sticks into the chocolate and then pushed them really far into the cheesecake balls (so they don't fall off and are really in there).
I put the cheesecake pops back into the freezer for a few hours.
Finally, I melted white candy melts in the microwave, and added about a teaspoon of oil, to make the candy melts a little more liquid. Then I dipped the cheesecake pops into the chococlate and turned them to get off any excess cany melt. Because the pops were so cold from the freezer that after holding them up for about a minute, the chocolate was almost hard and I could place them on the parchment paper without it leaving a mark on the pops.
Next I melted chocolate chips and put them into a piping bag, and did a little zig-zag on the top of a few.
I put the pops back in the freezer for 15 minutes, and then I put the bags on them and tied a ribbon around the bottom. After this, I stored them in the fridge.
So yummy!
Very easy, must-try treat!
Happy Birthday Brianne!

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