Glitter Pumpkin

I saw this last year and thought it was a cute idea to try this year!
All you need is a fake pumpkin, mod podge (or glue), a paint brush and glitter.
I bought a porcelain pumpkin decoration at fortinos for $2, you can also find similar things at the dollar store or craft stores.

Another great idea is to use a real pumpkin - great craft for kids instead of carving a pumpkin, they don't need as much assistance with this!

I started by laying newspaper down so I don't make a sparkly mess.
Then I covered the pumpkin in mod podge, and the shook the glitter all over the mod podge pumpkin.
The spots that weren't covering well, I added more mod podge, and added more sparkles.
The I let it dry in a plate so that the loose sparkles didn't fall everywhere.
Simple and cute fall craft.
Suitable as interior decor, but not suggested for outside use, as rain will most likely ruin your glitter pumpkin!

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