Knitted Infinity Scarf DIY

This is an easy 15-minute DIY project to turn an old scarf into an infinity scarf with just a needle and thread!

Turn this:
To this:
*These are the same scarves, the lighting was bad in the first one

Step One: Remove the Tassels!

Hopefully you can see how they are looped in... I don't know how to explain this well, but this is how I think of it:
The bottom part of the rope, goes up and through the loop, to create how the tassels are on the scarf.
I hope that makes sense? If not, comment below or email me and I will clarify!
So now we have that loop sorted, we need to pull it apart.
Pull on the top wool, going horizontally in the picture above to loosen it, so it looks like the picture below:
Now continue to pull the loop apart. 
Now, it should look close to what the rope knot picture looks like, and from there you just pull it out from the scarf.
I promise it is not going to damage your scarf or unravel it! 
The tassels are added to the scarf in the end, and are not knitted on - just tied like the rope knot!
This is how it should look:
Repeat this until all of the tassels are off.
Now, put the right sides of the scarf together, laying flat - so the wrong side faces out.
Mine has a tag, so it is easy to tell.
Make sure the scarf is flat, and there are no loops or twists.

Step Two: Sew
Now, pick a thread that is the colour of the ends of your scarf.
You can buy a needle and thread at the dollar store or any sewing or craft stores - even wal-mart.
Thread the needle and knot the end of the thread. 
Start on one side, and sew the edge together.
Make sure you do a really good job securing the edge, so your stitching doesn't unravel.
Sew across the full end/edge of the scarf, attaching the two together. 
Make sure it is in quite a tight, small stitch to make sure it doesn't come apart.
Once you reach the end, like the start, make sure you do a really good stitch and tie off, so that your scarf doesn't unravel.
Turn it back the right way, and it should look like this,

That's it - Easy!

Enjoy your new infinity scarf!

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