A Day Downtown

This Christmas break, I have a list of things I want to do, so I make the most out of the time off of school.
One of the things was to go skating in Nathan Phillips Square, which is a skating rink in the heart of downtown Toronto.
I am a pretty terrible skater, when I was in my early teens I switched from figure skates, to hockey skates. I am now a confused skater!

After skating, we went for lunch at one of my favourite restaurants Mr. Green Jeans, in the Eaton's Centre, which was designed by one of my favourite designer's, Sarah Richardson. You can see the pictures here.
They also have amazing milkshakes...
Followed by some shopping at Sephora!
I bought some brow shadow and a subtle matte lipstick - starting to have a bigger love for makeup, lipstick, and beauty youtube tutorials and products other people love!
One of my new favourites is Vlog with Kendra.

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