Chocolate, Whipped Cream & Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Tree: how-to

As a kid, my parents always made me a chocolate, strawberry, whipped cream cake and it has always been one of my favourites.

This past weekend was my mums birthday, and since we haven't had this cake in a while, I thought I would make it and try making chocolate tree decorations.

1 box of Devil's Food Cake mix
500 ml whipping cream
Strawberry Jam
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Parchment Paper
Piping Bag

Bake the cake as directed on the box.

Put a baking sheet in the freezer while the cakes bake.
Melt approx. 1 cup of chocolate chips (this depends on how many decorations you want to make)
Then put the chocolate into your piping bag.
Place parchment paper onto the cold baking sheet.
Then start with a line.

Then draw a point out to one side, and then up and across to the other side.

Do this all the way down, until you have a cartoon looking tree like this:
You should go over the outline a few times, to make them thick so they don't break!
I only made about 5 because I ran out of chocolate chips to melt - but they looked so good!
Place them in the freezer until you need them - let them harden completely. 
Approx. 1 hour to be safe.

Wash and cut up the strawberries.

This cake needs to be prepared quite close to the time it is being served.

Start by whipping the cream.
I added about a teaspoon of sugar and vanilla extract for taste.

Then, while the cream was whipping, I put jam to the bottom layer of the cake.
Next, I placed the strawberries on top of the jam.
Then on the upper layer of cake, I spread some of the whipped cream to the bottom (you want to make the cake like a sandwich).
Carefully place the top layer on to of the bottom layer, whipped cream down.
Cover the outside of the cake completely in whipped cream.
Now, carefully add the trees.


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