Journey to Ombré

A few days before Christmas I decided to get my hair cut and coloured.
Until this point I had never coloured my hair, besides a product called Sun-In, which you spray in wet hair and blow dry it or sit in the sun - anyways it messed my hair up and made it a golden colour that I didn't like.
I fell in love with this picture:
A very subtle ombre, which would star with my natural colour, and then go lighter as it reached the bottom.

It already looked a little ombre, from the Sun-In but it was messed up.

They colour the roots to try and match my natural colour as much as they could, but this colour will eventually fade, and the rest will not.
Natural hair colour is more mousy coloured, and hair dyeing colours have more of a rich colour to them.
Colour difference between the top and bottom:

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