Hanging Yarn Heart

I have a hanging heart collection, and I thought this was a cute DIY addition.
All you need is a heart cookie cutter, yarn, parchment paper, and glue or mod podge.

Start by placing the cookie cutters on parchment paper.
Start by dipping the yarn in the glue.
Then, start placing the gluey yarn in the cookie cutter.
I did this on parchment paper so it wouldn't stick or make a mess.
Once you have completely filled the heart, cut the yarn and stick it in with the rest of the yarn in the cookie cutter.
Let the heart dry.
When it looks dry, peel it up, and flip it over to let the back dry.
After it is fully dry, start to add pressure around the edges, to pop the heart out.
Add a piece of yarn and tie a knot to hang.

We found that the bigger heart worked a little better than the smaller heart.

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