Reading Week: Part 1

This week is reading week for my university, or otherwise known as spring break!
For half of the break I went to Mont Tremblant with my dad, his girlfriend, sister and her boyfriend - fifth wheeling. 
Tremblant is probably one of my favourite places. Ski all day, cute lunches on the hill by the fire, hot tub after, then walk around the shops and go for a nice meal.
It is perfection.
Here are some of the highlights of my trip!
Also, on the way back, we stopped in Ottawa, which was really nice because Winterlude, which basically celebrates winter, was on!
We walked around, and had an amazing lunch at The Aulde Dubliner.
I also lost twice on roll up the rim, and bought a Canada cookie at ByWard market, and the picture was then featured on the Olympic Lens #wearewinter

Stay tuned for the other half of my reading week!

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