Reading Week: Part 2

For the second half of reading week, I went to Bermuda with my mum and sister.
We have never been before, but it was so beautiful and amazing!
Bermuda was a British colony, and the british history is still very much precent. 
We felt very safe and had such a great experience paddle boarding (on my bucket list), swimming in crystal caves, visiting the town of Hamilton for dinner and shopping.
It was about 25 C and sunny and very sunny, but felt like 30 C!
I even got a little bit of a tan! 

The olympics was on while we were away, so we got to cheer on Team Canada, and watch the mens gold medal hockey game with other Canadians in Bermuda!

Such an amazing reading week - sad to be back at school.
Stressful week ahead, but some new posts soon!

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