DIY: Ombré Nails

Inspired by Lauren Conrad. 
I had to give this a try!

I was very skeptical about trying this, because many online sources suggested using a sponge.
They were also doing a different ombré than Lauren has.

So to start, I picked a pink colour, similar to what lauren has.
You can try with a different colour, but because our nails are naturally a pink colour, I think pink most likely looks the best.
I also used a clean makeup sponge.

To start, paint some of the nail polish onto the sponge, and then press it onto the upper half of your nail. Do this to all nails, but you may need to repaint the sponge a few times.

It looks very pale.

Do this a second time, but covering a little less of the colour than before, to start the fading effect.
Make sure the polish is dry from the first time, before you do it the second time.

Next, I used the nail polish brush, and painted a french tip or line, on the end of my nail.
Again, make sure your nails are dry from the step above.

Finally, after your nail polish is dry, paint to polish on the sponge, and cover the time between the french tip, and the second sponge fade. This will help blend the colours and make it more of a natural fade look.

Now, just add a clear top coat! This will create a smooth finish.

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