Summer Loves

Summer Loves by emmacourtneyy

Summertime for me means lots of shopping - I work a lot in the summer, so why not?!
Buying so many nice things in preparation for my trip to England in a few weeks.

Here are some of my favourites for this season:

I just bought this beauty - so excited!
Perfect and classy.
Feeding my Kate Spade addiction.

I love dresses for the summer - my closet is filled with pretty dresses.
Some of my favourite stores are Tobi and Forever 21, for large dress selecitons.
Also, I found some cute dresses on Aeropostale, they have new items all the time, and I love the Bethany Mota collection.

$54.50 $27.25

$49.50 $12




Forever 21 has a very large selection of statement necklaces that I love, definitely worth checking out!

Perfect with a fresh pedicure.
I'm going to buy something similar to these before I go away for sure - I need new simple black sandals, and these are perfect and match almost anything!

Hoping to go to Sephora soon to do a big makeup haul - needing some new makeup and summer colours.

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