Home Office Artwork

As mentioned before, I moved into a new house at school.
Every time I move, I like to switch up the way I decorate, so this time I wanted to make a really nice office area.
I was really inspired by the collection of different sized frames and pictures that I was seeing on Pinterest.

The first two things that I started with were the big E and the tortoise shell glasses watercolour, both from Chapters.

Then I bought some cheap frames from the dollar store, and started googling "chic watercolour" and random things to get some more inspiration.

I lay out all of the frames to get an idea of layout.

The picture above the E is my favourite, it is a watercolour that I found on google, printed, and then glued to  the canvas I had also bought from the dollar store.

Still some work to do, but I'm balancing two jobs this summer, so it is super hectic.
Looking forward to a break soon!

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