One thing that is on my bucket list, and something that I have always really enjoyed, is travelling to new places. 
There are a few places that I always like to go back to, but new experiences are fun and exciting!

When you're in Europe, is very easy and inexpensive to travel.
Seeing as I'm already in England with my mum and sister, we decided between Bruges, Amsterdam and Prague for a vacation away from vacation.
We had heard many nice things about Prague, and I thought Amsterdam is more of a thing to do with friends, than family (maybe I'm wrong...?)

The hotel that we stayed in is the Charles Bridge Hotel, which is right in the heart of Prague - very good location.
Most of the tourist attractions and things to see, were around the Charles Bridge.

We were less than five minutes away from the main square, where we went up the Old Town Hall Tower & Astronomical Clock, where you could see all across Prague.

Really beautiful painting I bought at the local market for my bedroom back home

We also climbed a lot of stairs, up to Prague castle, where we listened to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra on June 24. There was an open air concert - it was so lovely!

Before the concert, we went into the church, and there was a service going on, with beautiful singing.
This is probably the prettiest churches I have ever come across before.

The following day, we walked back up to the castle (lots of walking in these few days...omg so tired still), and after, we walked down through the gardens and came across this very big garden with a pond and fountain, and lots of statues and art.

One of my favourite places we went to eat was Cafe Louvre, it seemed like more of a locals place to go, but seemed to be very well known. 
They also had really delicious desserts.

Something I found quite strange, is that water is more expensive than beer and they will not serve tap water, and if they do, you have to pay for it!

One of the last things we did, was take a funicular up to the top of a hill overlooking the city to Petřín Lookout Tower, which resembles to Eiffel Tower.

One holidays like this, I am very interested in the arcitecture of all the old and beautiful buildings - so I don't always learn very much history, or go on tours.

Overall, very beautiful place to visit! 
Really hope to go back again one day.

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