Friday Favourites: Float away on this...

Yay it's friday!
Can't wait to relax after a very very long two weeks of straight work.
Here's my friday favourites round-up!

Favourite Summer Accessory:
Image via Pinterest
I think this is such a cute pool float - if only I had a pool!

Favourite Summer Setting:
Simple and elegant table setting, perfect for a summer dinner party.

Favourite Nail Colour:
This is the only nail polish I have completely finished before.
It is such a light and simple shade, but it's perfect for a more natural looking polish.
If there are any chips, it isn't too noticeable because it is so light!

Favourite Recipe:
This looks like a delicious treat for a hot day, and amazing that you can make it at home!

Favourite Beauty Product:

When I was at Sephora, about to purchase this, the girl working there said that this was intended for oily skin, so if I didn't have that I shouldn't purchase it.
I don't typically have oily skin, only on my nose, so I bought a travel size just to test it.
I find that it works really well!
I put the Smashbox: Photo Finish Primer on before, then this, and it works great!
Also, I love that it is SPF 35, because that is hard to find in make up, but really important to keep your skin looking young in the future!

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