Friday Favourites: Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

My favourites of the week.

Favourite DIY Idea:
I came across this on Pinterest, and it didn't lead to any link, but I think this is a really cute idea to make plain balloons a little more chic for a party/celebration!

Favourite Fitness Accessory:
It is crazy how much I need/want this in my life right now!!
I was first introduced to FitBit because my boyfriend got it in his stocking at Christmas and hasn't used it - but I think it's a really good idea. 
Adding this to my summer wish list!

Favourite Recipe:
I mean, how can you not!?
On a hot and sunny day, this is exactly what I want to eat right now!

Favourite Beauty Product:
I bought this at the grocery store the other day because I was getting tired of the grapefruit flavour I have, and the EOS balls are too big to carry around.
I absolutely love the Mango flavour!

Favourite Treat:

Stride: Sour Patch Kids, Raspberry is amazing! My boyfriend and I bought this because it was at the checkout, and why not! 
I am trying to be healthier, but sometimes you want something sweet, and this really ties me over.
It tastes just like the sour patch kids you ate as a kid.

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