Friday Favourites: Back to School

Back to school, back to school... here are my favourite back to school items.
TGIF and we have a few days of summer left!
Desk accessory post to come soon.

Favourite Dorm Style:
I love the colours and different patterns in this bed set - I wish this was around when I was living in a dorm.
Really cute way to give your dorm that little extra style.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Continuing my quest for the best chocolate chip cookies - I think I may have found the recipe! I have made these a few times, and they are perfect and delicious.

Nature Box

This is one of my new favourites!
August was my first month with Nature Box, and I love it.
Get $10 off your first order (keep reading).

Friday Favourties: Cake Batter Cookies

A few DIY's and recipes to wrap up the last week of summer - trust me I'm really sad about this.
I need more time to relax and bake!

Favourite Recipe:
Cake batter cookies may sound weird, but they turn out really well.
Add some ice cream and make a cookie ice cream sandwich for an easy summer treat!



Yummy, healthier treat to enjoy this summer!

Travel: New York City

After an amazing weekend in New York City, I have to highlight all the amazing things we did while we were there!

Friday Favourites: Sweet and Summery

It`s Friday, which means I`m away in NYC this weekend!
I am so excited, I will give a big update when I am back, but for now, here are my Friday favourites!

Favourite Recipe:
Sally`s Baking Addiction: Giant Cinnamon Roll Cake
Summers and weekends at the cottage always included cinnamon buns, and they still do.
Love this recipe idea!

Chocolate Turtles Cake

Chocolates Turtles Cake

For my boyfriends birthday, I knew I had to make him a cake (because I'm a baker and blogger - how could I not!), but he is really picky, even with cakes!
After figuring out he loves chocolate and caramel, I knew I had to make something along those lines.
This cake was delicious and easy. 

The Anywhere Core Workout

During the school year I get a membership to my University's gym.
One thing I really enjoy is going to the free classes they offer.
My favourite is Core Blast, which is a 25 minute class, focused only on the core.

Friday Favourites: Quit Your Job...

Such a long week - so thankful it's the weekend! 
Although I am working this weekend, it is fewer hours than during the week.
I've worked 12 hours every day this week - sleeeeepy.

Here are some more of my cottage/summer favourites this week.

Favourite Tee:
I love this tee, it is perfect to wear to the beach or at the cottage.

S'more Cookies

S'more Cookies

To continue with my summer cottage theme, no summer is complete without having s'mores on the campfire.
These cookies were such a hit at the cottage on the weekend.
Not quite a traditional s'more, but apparently the best thing my boyfriend has ever had!

Cottage Style

Muskoka Living Interiors: Tradewinds
Cottages portray coastal decor with blues and whites, exposed beams and cathedral ceilings - a year round bliss.

Friday Favourites: Cottage Edition

This month I am trying to theme everything around summers at the cottage (or pool...or beach?!)
I spent last weekend up in Muskoka, and heading up again for this long weekend, so it's only fitting!
Here is a round-up of my cottage favourites!

Photo Source Tumblr