Friday Favourites: Cottage Edition

This month I am trying to theme everything around summers at the cottage (or pool...or beach?!)
I spent last weekend up in Muskoka, and heading up again for this long weekend, so it's only fitting!
Here is a round-up of my cottage favourites!

Photo Source Tumblr

Favourite Quote:
I think this is perfect for relaxing time away.
So often people waste their time away on their phones, laptops, tv - anything!
If you're getting away somewhere this summer to relax, actually relax.
Turn all that off, and be all there!

Favourite DIY:
I think that this is such a cute DIY for the cottage!
You can make this with sticks, or beaver sticks, or drift wood ... even with pebbles?!
Also, check out the link to see other DIY pictures - it isn't in English, but still, it gives you ideas.
For the above DIY, I would suggest drawing an outline on cardboard, cutting it out, then laying all the pieces out, and glue gunning the sticks to it.

Favourite Bikini:
I don't own this bikini, but this is one of my favourite colours, and this design is really cute!
I have seen a lot of tops and bikinis this summer like this - perfect cottage bikini!

Favourite Cottage Activity:
Tubing has always been a favourite cottage activity of mine.
As long as it's not scary fast, I love it.
Growing up, my sister and I would go all the time.
So much fun!

Favourite All-Purpose Shoe:

The name, Boat Show, says it all - a perfect cottage shoe, to wear on the boat ... and around in general.
The soles of these shoes don't slip on slippery surfaces, like a wet dock, or boat.
As well, there are just a great all purpose shoe to wear at the cottage.
They look cute with so many outfits, and they are sensible for walking around.

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