Friday Favourties: Cake Batter Cookies

A few DIY's and recipes to wrap up the last week of summer - trust me I'm really sad about this.
I need more time to relax and bake!

Favourite Recipe:
Cake batter cookies may sound weird, but they turn out really well.
Add some ice cream and make a cookie ice cream sandwich for an easy summer treat!

Favourite DIY:
My Fabuless Life: DIY Gold leaf Clipboards
I have a clipboard at home that I have been meaning to give a makeover, but this is a really great idea!
Hanging them above a desk to hold important papers is also a great idea with these stylish clipboards.

Favourite Printable:
Creature Comforts Blog: Flamingo Thank You Card Printables
I have been searching for free Thank You card printables, and this one is cute and fun!
Click the link above to print this out and thank away.

Favourite Homemade Gift Idea:
This is something that has been on my gift idea list for a while, but I have never got the chance to do it.
Growing up, every fall my family would make candles at the cottage, and everyone always loved getting them as gifts. 

Favourite Outfit:
I bought this dress this past weekend in New York.
While this picture may not show much detail, it is the perfect little black dress that you can wear for any occasion, with different accessories.
Click on the link above to view it in other colours (then you can see the detail and flare).

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