Travel: New York City

After an amazing weekend in New York City, I have to highlight all the amazing things we did while we were there!

Out of all the places I have been, this trip has been one of my favourites. 
As well, NYC is one of my favourite cities!

We stayed at the Doubletree Metropolitan, on Lexington and 51st, such an ideal location because it was right by all the subway stops.
$30 for a 7-day subway pass, vs. $3 a trip, made it totally worth it and easy to get from the airport to the hotel, and everywhere.

When we checked into the hotel we were greeted with warm chocolate chip and walnut cookies - the best idea ever, as well as being upgraded to a King-sized bed!

Friday morning we went to a local place for breakfast, nothing special, it was right beside our hotel.

Smart Destinations offers a pass that you can customize with the attractions you want to see while in the city, and it is discounted. While you can't see the full discount you are getting, it still isn't bad.

One of the destinations we picked was Top of the Rock, which was probably one of our favourite things.
When you arrive, you can skip the line with this pass, as well as pick a time to go up.
We didn't realize you had to pick a time, so we ended up going to Central Park first.
Anyways, it was amazing!
The best views of the city - totally worth it.

Another attraction on our pass was a 2-hour bike rental for Central Park as well as Central Park zoo tickets.
This was one of our favourite things we did!
We rode all the way up the east side, and back down the west side, stopping to see a few things on the way.

For lunch, we went to Tavern on the Green, which is a really beautiful restaurant on the edge of Central Park.
My boyfriend and I are really picky eaters, so this may not have been the best choice, but we still had a good time.

This day we also did a little shopping on 5th avenue, but we were so exhausted after the long day.

Friday was the last day of Restaurant Week in NYC, and we had reservations for Aureole, which I had seen on a top restaurant website. We had an amazing 3-course meal, one of our favourite meals this weekend.

After, we took the subway to a 230 Fifth, a rooftop bar for our first legal drink at 21, in the US.

Saturday, we did a little shopping at Banana Republic, then headed to our brunch reservation at ABC Cocina. This restaurant has such an amazing atmosphere, as well as amazing food!
The style is more of a tapas menu, so we ordered a pastry basket, as well as crunchy Mexican spiced french toast with apricot and peaches, and Organic Breakfast tea to share.
After brunch, we walked onto Park ave, and there was a Summer Streets activity going on, and the whole street was blocked off from cars. People were walking, biking, running all down the street. It was amazing - made us want to live in NYC.

The Empire State Building was another on our attractions pass, and we thought that Top of the Rock was a lot better.
The view was alright, but we waited in lines for a long time - even after the pass let us cut some lines.
If you go to NYC, I recommend skipping the Empire State Building, and doing Top of the Rock instead.

The Freedom Tower and 9/11 Memorial was really beautiful, we did this in the afternoon, and spent some time walking around and enjoying the memorial waterfalls.

That night we didn't have any reservations for dinner, so we just got something in Times Square, followed by the AMC Theater to see The Giver, which my boyfriend and I both read in elementary school.
This is the best theater I have ever been to - they had big comfy chairs, nothing like what we have back where we live (that I know of).

Sunday we expected to have bad weather, after Friday and Saturday being beautiful, hot and sunny.
It turned out to be great weather!
We had breakfast at Carnegie Deli, followed by shopping around Bloomingdale's and Dylan's Candy bar.

The last attraction on our pass was The Met.
We spent a few hours walking around, looking at Art, Armour, and Egyptian exhibits.

Ending the afternoon, relaxing in Central Park, enjoying our earlier chocolate purchases!

If anyone is planning to go to NYC, definitely do some of the things my boyfriend and I did, or comment below if you have any questions or comments! 

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