Friday Favourites: Spider Cookies

After a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, it's time to hit the books before Halloween.
Here are a few of my favourites this week, and some Halloween ideas.
Have a great weekend!

Favourite Halloween Recipe:
Whopper Spider Cookies From: Taking Care of Monkey Business
Love these! I think this is such a cool idea for Halloween cookies!
Regular chocolate chip cookies with a few whoppers in the top, and you can use a piping bag with melted chocolate for the spider legs, or you could use a toothpick and melted chocolate (it won't look as perfect).

Favourite Organization:
I hate cluttered countertops, and this is a shabby chic way to store all the items you need out, such as salt, pepper, olive oil, sugar, tea, cutting boards.
Easy for cleaning because you just lift the crate up, instead of a 10 different things!

Favourite Halloween Costume:
Miranda Kerr, 2011: Ringmaster 
I really love this costume, or even a group costume of Circus people.
It's not something you see all the time, and its fun and you can get creative with it.

Favourite Fall Decor:
This is a really nice way to decorate your garden or front entrance for fall.
A few white Fall mums in baskets, some white pumpkins, a few lanterns - so pretty!

Favourite Fall Fashion:
Photo from Pinterest (no link) 
This is such a simple but pretty outfit for Fall/Winter.
I really like the all black leggings and top combo, with a lighter colour, loose fitting cardigan and black accessories.
Also love the ankle boots!

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