Friday Favourites: Christmas Holidays

It's finally the Christmas break!
I am so excited to finally be able to relax and do all kinds of festive things.
Wrapping, baking and relaxing are on my list for the next few days.

Favourite Christmas Wrapping:
I really love decorations and wrapping for Christmas to look more traditional and old looking, and that's why I love this wrapping!

Favourite Interior:
Christmas Dining Room from How To Decorate
There are so many things I love about this dining room! The little wreaths hanging off the back of the chairs add a special holiday touch, as well as the ornaments hanging from the chandelier. 

Favourite Recipe:
I love coffee cake, and I have had a cream cheese coffee cake, but never an amaretto flavoured coffee cake. I think this would be a delicious treat over the holidays.

Favourite Holiday Nail Art:
From Pinterest
Having cute nails over the holidays is the best! It makes you feel so festive, and it is relaxing to paint your nails or get your nails done.

Favourite Holiday Place Cards:
These are so easy to put together, especially if you have any real greenery, such as a Christmas tree you can cut from.

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