Gift Guide: Gifts For Your Significant Other

Gift Guide: Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Gift Guide: Gifts For Your Girlfriend by emmacourtneyy 

If you listen to your girlfriend near Christmas, I'm sure she has dropped you a million hints of what you could buy her, or at least you could figure out something that is her style.
The below gifts, would make almost any girl really happy, and they are all at different price ranges.

I love Kate Spade, and there are many different items at different price ranges. Jewelry, purses, wallets, tech cases - they have a million amazing items.
A stylish warm jacket is always a great idea to keep your loved one warm this winter! I have the above jacket, which is down filled and probably one of the best things I have ever bought. Being warm at winter is priceless. You can take a look at it here. A polaroid camera is a really fun and cute idea, you could even get a little album to put all the pictures in.
A cute idea from the above picture is to make a photo book online. There are a few websites that you just import your pictures, and get it printed. I think this is a really thoughtful and nice gift to receive. 

Kate spade handbag

Kate Spade black wallet

Kate Spade watch



Kate Spade knot bangle

Kate Spade ring

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera W/Film Pink

Gift Guide: Gifts For Your Boyrfriend

Gift Guide: Gifts For Your Boyrfriend by emmacourtneyy

This gift list is boyfriend approved. All ideas that guys would like to receive.
 I think that guys have it so much easier when it comes to Christmas, because we throw ideas at them. Guys never seem to know what they want, or at all helpful!

If you are willing to spend the money, a GoPro is a really cool gift idea - even if your man doesn't do anything exciting, he will probably think this is cool.
A nice messenger bag, a dress shirt or a new watch is always a great gift.
I think buying a wallet is a really nice idea, because you use a wallet pretty much every day.
As my boyfriend said, almost every guy owns or should own a leatherman multi-tool, and they offer engraving on their site, so you can personalize it.

A gift that may depend on your boyfriend, is making a photo book. Some guys may not appreciate this gift, but if you have been together for a while, you have lots of pictures, and it's a thoughtful idea.

Finally, a gift suggested by my boyfriend is the gift of experience. has some great ideas, or even attending his favourite sporting game together.

Slim-Fit Non-Iron Dobby Twill Shirt

Gift an experience - such as driving on a race track, or a luxry car. Something you think he will like.

Hudson's Bay

Wave Leatherman

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