Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

These peanut butter cookies are amazing on their own - but add in the chocolate pretzel antlers, peanut butter m&m nose and chocolate chips, and they are even better!!

Our Christmas Decor

It's our first year having a place of our own to decorate for Christmas!
Though we didn't have too many decorations, we still did pretty well.
Our decor inspirations came from the organic woodlands creatures that were all over the shops the past two years, though I wanted to put a chic spin on them. 

Lazy Gingerbread Cookie Bars

The holiday season is so busy - sometimes you just don't have the time to roll and cut out all the dough for gingerbread cookies.
This is the lazy way, with two options - the laziest way or the "I put some effort into it, but I am still lazy" way.

Friday Favourites: Cozy Holiday

This week I've been relaxing, getting ahead and decorating for the holidays!
I have my tree up, and other accessories and I am so excited - I've even been baking some Christmas treats.
This is our first Christmas in our own place, and we didn't want to spent too much money on decorations. We bought a lot on sale last year, and I also made few things. Our theme is a more organic, traditional christmas, with earthy elements - with a chic spin. I can't wait to share it with you!

Favourite Decor:
Arizona Christmas Decorating Ideas from Country Living
I love the simplicity of this christmas decor. The wreath is just natural and plan, which I really love and the tree has similar tones in the ornaments and decorations. 

Friday Favourites: It's almost that time

I thought that I would get back into posting more often, and I kept slacking - I've been really busy working and doing stuff for my interior design courses! 

 It's almost that time of year!!
I am getting very very excited about the holiday and christmas season! 
This weekend I am getting out all of my decorations. It is the first year where I have my own place to decorate!

Favourite Decor:
This blog has some amazing decor ideas for the holidays! I especially love this cute little porch decor - simple and very sweet!

Healthy Pancakes

Healthy Pancakes

These pancakes are light and fluffy, and they are pretty healthy?! I guess it depends on what you consider healthy... but if you want a delicious breakfast, or just a treat, these are perfect!

Friday Favourites: Fall Inspirations

I have been slacking on the Friday Favourites posts lately because I have been so busy with school and work!
I just started a new semester for my Interior Design degree, plus I have a new job, and the Jays are in the play offs, so I went back to my job at the stadium! Exciting but busy times!

Here are some of my favourite Fall Inspirations.

Favourite Decor:
I love seeing new ideas about decorating for seasons! If you click the link above, there are a few great ideas for decorating for fall. I have a lot of pumpkins right now, so it's interesting to see how they used the pumpkins to decorate with!

Friday Favourites: Fall is in the Air

It may still be warm out - but there have been some colder days, and at work we are getting in all the fall clothing.
I have so many fall inspired things that I want to do!
This weeks Friday Favourites are inspired by all my fall ideas.

Favourite Decor:
Home Decor Swaps for Fall from
For fall, there are so many great ways to change up the decor, adding warmer colours, throw blankets and pillows, fall scented candles. I am doing this in my apartment over the next few weeks - can't wait!

Single Serve Snickerdoodle Cake

Single Serve Snickerdoodle Cake

This recipe is perfect for when you want a piece of cake, but don't actually want to bake a whole cake. It is the perfect size and really delicious!

Friday Favourites: Back to School

It's that time of year - back to school.
Back to school doesn't have to be a bad thing, it is great to start fresh and buy some new things.
Here are some of my favourite back to school items.

Favourite Dorm Room:
I love the way this dorm room is decorated! It is realistically crammed in, maybe the floor won't be like that, but you can throw down a nice area rug. I love all of the light colours and throw pillows! 

Shopping: Back to School

Photo from Stylecaster

Back to school shopping has always been one of my favourites things - whether it's just getting something new, or the hope that all these new things will help you get a good start to the new school year.
All these pretty new things might make you more motivated to do your school work!

My Summer in Pictures

Photo from WeHeartIt
Summer 2015 has almost come to an end, and so many things happened this summer - and none of them went as planned!
The last two months I have focussed on my Interior Design courses, and worked full time.
Last week, I finally got a week off and we spent it at the cottage and Niagara-on-the-lake and the Shaw Festival. A nice and relaxing end to the summer!

Interior Design Classes

Photo from
I haven't been posting much lately because I am trying to juggle a full time job and classes! 
It is a lot harder than I expected it to be, and I'm counting down the days until I am finished working full-time so I can really focus.

Apartment Reveal

Over the past few months, I have been working on decorating our new apartment!
This is our first place of our own, where we aren't sharing with other people.

Friday Favourites: Light and Airy

It's the beginning of summer for so many people - but I feel like my summers are always filled with a lot of hard work!
Take me back to when I was just relaxing the past few months.

This weeks favourites were very easy to pick - I love them!

Favourite Interior:
This living room has so much detail if you take a moment to look. At first glance it is very light and airy, but has so many unique pieces, which may seem heavier at first.
I love this! Many bold choices that turned out amazing.

Gallery Wall Print

All photos from Design Love Fest
As well, this is a great link from Mrs. Fancee which has a pdf full of amazing prints!

Trend: Pineapple Love

Photo from
I'm not sure if it's the sweet taste, or the cute colours - but pineapples are popping up all over for summer!

Friday Favourites: Summer Dreaming

Summer is just around the corner (actually - it's June 21!).
Here are some of my favourites that are getting me excited for this summer!
Photo from

Friday Favourites: Father's Day BBQ

It's finally June, and that means Father's Day is just around the corner.
With the warmer weather, a BBQ for Father's Day is perfect, and something that Dad would love!
Here are some of my favourite BBQ themed Father's Day ideas!

Favourite Idea:
Father's Day BBQ from The Party Dress
I love this idea for dad on Father's Day! It's cute and something he will love - spending time with his family.

Honest Company Review

When moving into our new place, I ordered an Honest Company bundle.
I have heard so many amazing things about the Honest Company, and I love what they are about.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

I was never a fan of peanut butter cookies until I made these.
They are chewy, soft and very easy to make!

Friday Favourites: Nightstand Decor

It's almost June, which means my official graduation ceremony is just around the corner!
It's just a ceremony, but still pretty exciting.
For now, I am just looking at adding the little finishing touches to our apartment before I post pictures.

Favourite Interior:
I'm still picking away at the last few things to decorate in our new apartment. I love how this bed and bed side table is decorated.

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are now my favourite cookies - but you have to work for them!
This recipe is one where you have to follow the directions and measurements closely, and with the proper preparation, it takes time. Definitely worth the wait though!


Photo from Twitter
At the end of March, I decided to take on a new challenge, and something I had never done before. 
I decided to sign up for a race, the Nike Women's 15K race in Toronto in June.
Even though it's a women's race, my boyfriend is doing it with me.

Friday Favourites: Spring Weather

Another week has come and gone, and I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

I love this weather that's not too hot and not too cold, and it's beautiful and sunny.
Get out and enjoy Spring!

Favourite Spring Dinner Setting:
I would love to be having dinner at this beautiful table setting tonight!

Friday Favourites: Long Weekend

Happy Long weekend!
I'm heading up to the cottage this weekend, and I couldn't be more excited - I've missed cottage season and I can't wait for it to start again.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Photo from birchandbird

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the first recipes I've baked in our new apartment with my Kitchen Aid mixer! Another take at Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Friday Favourites: Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this weekend, and here are some of my favourites for Mother's day Brunch Ideas as well as DIY gifts and printables!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Favourite Party Setting:
Backyard Mother's Day Team Party from Sugar and Charm
My favourites pinks, with beautiful flowers and Polaroidi8 for the table - really cute idea for a Mother's Day brunch.

Friday Favourites: April Showers

It's been a busy week filled with everything - most importantly our cute little kitten we got last week!
One minute she's all sweet and cuddly... the next she's bouncy around and wants to play.
Lucky for me, she is all snuggled up on me right now!
Follow her on instagram to see super cute pictures @lilythemeow

Favourite Spring Idea:
Spring Party Ideas from
We move in a month, and I can't wait to have cute little dinner parties! All of the idea on this site are super cute for throwing the perfect Spring time party.

Creme Egg Cupcakes

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes 

These cupcakes are to die for! And there are two ways to make them - the quick, cheat way, or the long from scratch way, so it's perfect for anyone!

Friday Favourites: Easter is coming!

It's been a busy week, but I feel like I haven't actually accomplished anything! 
Those weeks are the worst.
On the bright side, I am looking forward to Easter, and here are some cute and somewhat easter related favourites I found this week!

Favourite Interior:
Easter and Spring Home Decor Ideas from Clean and Scentsible
This link has some really cute ideas for Easter and Spring! I can't wait to be able to decorate my own place next year!!

Mini Egg Cake Batter Blondies

Mini Egg Cake Batter Blondies

This is a very easter recipe with only 5-ingredients, and no baking experience needed! Delicious and perfect for an Easter treat!

Small Apartment Ideas

So many things have been happening lately and I can't wait to share them all with you.
One is that my boyfriend and I have leased our own apartment together!
We are so excited to move in and decorate - only a little over a month left to wait!
It is a small apartment, and this is my first time having to compromise on design, which is interesting and fun.
Here are some of my favourite small apartment ideas that I have been looking at for our new place!
Photo from

Friday Favourites: Spring Has Sprung

The snow has melted and the weather is getting warmer!
I can't wait to go on lovely walks and spend more time outside.

Here are some of my Spring inspired friday favourites.
Photo from ouiouiouistudio

Brownie Cookie Bars

Brownie Cookie Bars

These are so delicious! A combination of cookie and brownie, and perfect for when you can't decide which you want - so you eat both. 
Also, I've been trying out my new camera, so most of these pictures I took with it!

Friday Favourites: St. Patrick's Day

Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick's Day this weekend, or next week - here are some of my favourites to help you celebrate!

As well, there are a few cute kid ideas at the bottom of the post.

Favourite Table Setting:
Photo from apresfete
For any St. Patrick's Day themed dinner party, this is a cute and simple table setting. The chocolate coins are a great idea - even better when the guests can eat the decor!

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Oatmeal chocolate chip muffins are a favourite of mine! This is a healthier alternative to buying the store-bought mixes (guilty). 

Friday Favourites: Dreaming of Summer

I had an amazing 22nd birthday surrounded by friends and family, spread over a few days.
I also had a "surprise" tea party with my housemates, which way very sweet.

Here are some of my favourites I collected throughout the week!
Happy Friday!

Favourite Interior:
Dark Bedrooms from
When decorating, they say you're either a dark person or a light person. I am almost always a light person when decorating, but I still love this bedroom!

Gold Themed Party

Such a gorgeous party trend - gold themed!
There are so many amazing ideas out there of different ways to set up your party, DIY's as well as treats. For my 22nd birthday I summed all of my favourite gold-themed party ideas!
Photo from littlebigco

Friday Favourites: Birthday

I seriously need to get back into blogging more but it is so hard when life is throwing you things from every angle!
Hope I get a chance to soon, and share what has been going on with me lately.

Here are my favourites from this week, inspired by my birthday coming up!

Favourite Party Scene:
Vintage Parisian Soiree from Hostess with the Mostess
So maybe this is a 1 year olds birthday party... but I think it is so beautiful and could be used for any age!

Friday Favourites: Create and Bake

A relaxing week off from school but very busy!

This Friday Favourite is filled with DIY's and other fun things.
Enjoy the weekend!

Favourite DIY:
Faux Fireplace DIY from Remodelaholic
This fireplace looks amazing, and it is so hard to believe it is fake! They did an amazing job on this. If you want to make this yourself, check out their step by step process!

Friday Favourites: Conversation Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day!
I'm a day early, but here are my favourite Valentine's Day treats and ideas.

I am finally finished my busy stressful week, and now I have a week off - can't wait!
Have a great weekend!

Favourite Recipe:
I LOVE THESE! These are so cute and I really wish I had the time to do this myself for Valentine's Day!

Friday Favourites: Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

Happy Friday!
I have such a busy week ahead... I can't wait for it to be next weekend so I cant actually relax and enjoy some yummy Valentine's treats.

Here are my Valentine's Day inspired Friday Favourites from the week

Favourite Recipe:
Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Leanne Bakes
This is a very easy and sweet thing to do for Valentine's Day! I love it!
Melt chocolate, dip one half of a pretzel in, then place it on parchment paper and put heart sprinkles on it!

Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Gift Guide

Whether you’re going big or need to save, here are some great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. These are all gifts you can order online, find locally or with a short trip to the mall.

Friday Favourites: Super Bowl Edition

Super Bowl weekend!
I'm not a big football fan, but for those who are, this Friday Favourites is dedicated to football and the Super Bowl.
Enjoy all the amazing treats this weekend.

Favourite Sweet Treat:
Football Ice Cream Sandwiches from The Celebration Shoppe
This is probably one of the cutest, yet easiest Super Bowl sweet treat idea!
I love it so much. Great to have for dessert.