Friday Favourites: Valentine's Day Treats

Finally getting back into the swing of things after being back for two weeks now.
Can't wait to start baking and crafting cute Valentine's Day things.

Here are my favourites from the week!

Favourite Party Table Setting:
My birthday is coming up, and though I never end up doing it, I always want to have a cute tea party.
This table setting is really cute and is used for a reception, but it could be used for anything.
I also love how the black balloons are written on with gold sharpie! 

Favourite Interior:
I think this is so beautiful to have a room where all the doors open to the patio.
Maybe in Canada this isn't as realistic because it would be cold in the winter, and bugs and little animals could come in, in the summer.
I still love it though!

Favourite Recipe:
Mini Heart Cookies from Dessert Lover Note
These little heart cookies look like mini pies, and so delicious!
I think I would fill them with strawberry jam and cream cheese.

Favourite Puppy Picture:
Photo from Southerly Scholar 
This is such a cute picture because it combines the best two things - beaches and a puppy! In the next 5-10 years, I will hopefully have a puppy! 

Favourite DIY:
Chocolate covered pretzel are so delicious and I love that these are Valentine's coloured/themed. 
This is a really simple and cute idea!

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