Friday Favourites: Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

Happy Friday!
I have such a busy week ahead... I can't wait for it to be next weekend so I cant actually relax and enjoy some yummy Valentine's treats.

Here are my Valentine's Day inspired Friday Favourites from the week

Favourite Recipe:
Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Leanne Bakes
This is a very easy and sweet thing to do for Valentine's Day! I love it!
Melt chocolate, dip one half of a pretzel in, then place it on parchment paper and put heart sprinkles on it!

Favourite Interior:
My favourite aspect of this dining room are the chairs! The love the soft blue and cream pattern looks great against the dark wood. As well, I love the candle sticks on the table which look like twigs in a light gold.

Favourite DIY:
This is a really cute DIY table cloth, which is perfect for Valentine's day! Really easy, to make, just click the link above to see how to make it.

Favourite Love Quote:
Purchase on etsy
I love this quote, and this picture would make a cute phone background or print, which you can buy above.

Favourite Fashion:
Maybe this dress is a little fancy for a Valentine's date... but I love the detailing in the back and down the sleeves. So gorgeous! 

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