Friday Favourites: Create and Bake

A relaxing week off from school but very busy!

This Friday Favourite is filled with DIY's and other fun things.
Enjoy the weekend!

Favourite DIY:
Faux Fireplace DIY from Remodelaholic
This fireplace looks amazing, and it is so hard to believe it is fake! They did an amazing job on this. If you want to make this yourself, check out their step by step process!

Favourite Organization:
DIY from blitsy
I love cute inexpensive ways to organize, and that's exactly what these envelopes are! Check out this cute DIY to stay organized in style.

Favourite Recipe:
Sinful Triple Chocolate Poke Cake from Beyond Frosting
Doesn't this look delicious!? I wish I was eating this right about now... Box cake, with a few other ingredients and a bunch of amazing toppings.

Favourite Interior:
Photo from Popsugar
This look is very popular right now, the light colours, with golds, patterned light and gold throw pillows with hints of pink. Gorgeous and easy to style, as well as an easy change up in the future. Start with classic and neutral bases, and add in simple and cheap trends, making it easy to change when you get bored or the trends change.

Favourite Celebration Idea:
It's close to my birthday, so maybe that's why this celebration DIY stood out to me. I think this is a really cute idea for party's! You could fill it with a drink, ice cream or any dessert! Easy to make, and a cute personal touch to your celebration.

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