Friday Favourites: Dreaming of Summer

I had an amazing 22nd birthday surrounded by friends and family, spread over a few days.
I also had a "surprise" tea party with my housemates, which way very sweet.

Here are some of my favourites I collected throughout the week!
Happy Friday!

Favourite Interior:
Dark Bedrooms from
When decorating, they say you're either a dark person or a light person. I am almost always a light person when decorating, but I still love this bedroom!

Favourite Recipe:
 Chocolate Raspberry Cake from
This cake looks gorgeous! The pink is close to my favourite colour, and overall it just looks delicious! Something I need to try in the future for sure.

Favourite Ikea Hack:
Ikea Hack: Desk Legs from
I've been really into ikea hacks lately because it's amazing what you can do to make cheap furniture look way better, and somewhat personalized. Check the link above to find out how to paint the legs of your ikea desk. 

Favourite Quote:
Photo from
I always love florals and watercolours and beautiful quotes to brighten my friday.

Favourite Outfit:
Medallion Diamond Lace Dress from Aeropostale
If you can't tell... I am totally dreaming of summer right now!
I ordered this dress, and I can say it is my favourite dress right now, so gorgeous!

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