Friday Favourites: Nightstand Decor

It's almost June, which means my official graduation ceremony is just around the corner!
It's just a ceremony, but still pretty exciting.
For now, I am just looking at adding the little finishing touches to our apartment before I post pictures.

Favourite Interior:
I'm still picking away at the last few things to decorate in our new apartment. I love how this bed and bed side table is decorated.

Favourite Recipe:
Raspberry Danish Braid from Sally's Baking Addiction
This looks so delicious! I really want to make this for tea today.

Favourite Idea:
Painted Pool from 24flinching
This is such a gorgeous idea! Why don't more people do this!? If I ever have a pool in the future, i'd love the bottom to be painted.

Favourite DIY:
Terrariums seem to be such an in thing, and they are really cute and easy to make yourself!

Favourite DIY Grad Idea:
Photo from
My graduation ceremony is coming up, so I thought a little grad inspiration would be a good idea.
It's a cute idea to have a guest book globe. I don't even know if I would paint it, just leave it as is and let people leave notes!

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