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At the end of March, I decided to take on a new challenge, and something I had never done before. 
I decided to sign up for a race, the Nike Women's 15K race in Toronto in June.
Even though it's a women's race, my boyfriend is doing it with me.

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Over the past few months, training has been difficult, but very rewarding!
We started doing 3km, 3 times a week, which was our progression, and a 5km run, which was our longer, endurance run. That first 3km run was such a wakeup call! I hadn't run in a very long time - since elementary school. After 2km I felt like I was dying, which was a very pathetic feeling.
Weeks later, and here we are. Runs are easier, I don't get cramps as often, or feel as terrible at the end of runs. 

This is the running plan I made for us, there were many 5k, 10k and half marathon training plans, but not many for 15k. 
The below plan is an edited version of what Nike put out for this race.

After my first 6km, I learned that the shoes I was wearing were not great for running - at all!
I was having very sore arches. 
Something I definitely recommend is going to Running Room, and one of the sale associates will help you find the best type of shoe for your foot.
I'm still having problems with blisters and bruises, which may be because my shoe is 1/2 size too small, but I'm not 100% sure.

My favourite brand of athletic wear is lululemon.
The most important piece of athletic wear for me is a very supportive bra. The Tata Tamer from Lululemon is my favourite!

Running Gear featuring lululemon

Lululemon long length shirt
71 CAD -

Lululemon activewear
71 CAD -

Lululemon socks
22 CAD -

Lululemon activewear
71 CAD -

NIKE lacing sneaker
120 CAD -

bkr Silicone Sleeve Water Bottle
37 CAD -

The Nike+ app isn't so much gear, but I find it really important to use when I run. It tracks where you run, as well as your pace, and other stats. This is a great way to track your progress! It's amazing to see how far you've come throughout your training.

lululemon Run: Speed Short *Block-It Pocket are my favourite shorts. They have built in underwear, which I'm not sure I'm a fan of, but other than that I love them. They have a zip pocket in the back for keys, and a hidden front pocket where I put my phone. 

Back to the shoe/foot problem, I switched to lululemon socks, which has definitely helped. They help keep your feet cooler when you're running, and don't hold in the sweat, which helps reduce blisters.

This isn't the water bottle I have, and I don't run with a water bottle on me because I'm not running far enough distances that I really need to. The water bottle I have is from lululemon, but they are always changed the colours and designs on the bottles, so I can't show the exact one. 
Before and after my run I make sure I am hydrated. Drinking water is very important, and you can read some of the reasons why on this blog post I wrote last year: 6 Reasons to Drink More Water.

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The first inspiration for this run was what will be waiting for me at the finish line.
A Tiffany & Co Finishers Necklace, which to me is better than a medal!
Secondly, that my boyfriend will be beside me, training and doing something with me. A challenge we can face together.


  1. how did the race go? i just entered the lottery for the Nike San Fran race in the fall...hope I get in!

    1. That's exciting - I wish I could do that one! It went well, it was my first race so I definitely learned a few things for next time. We signed up at a slow pace even though we knew we would improve. This put us in the slowest wave, and we spent the first 6 km trying to pass people, which is exhausting and then made us slower for the rest of the race! There were a lot of people in faster waves that were walking. It was an amazing experience though!