Friday Favourites: Summer Dreaming

Summer is just around the corner (actually - it's June 21!).
Here are some of my favourites that are getting me excited for this summer!
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Favourite Pool Floats:
These pool floats are adorable! I love all the new design that companies are coming out with. You definitely need one of these to float away on this summer!

Favourite Frozen Treat:
I love the look of these popsicles! Such a cute idea, and they probably taste delicious!
I need to try some homemade popsicle recipes this summer.

Favourite Outfit:
I'm always looking for cute inspirations for summer style - and I love this! The floral, lace and statement necklace are perfect!

Favourite Recipe:
These are the cutest, summery cookies, and they would be pretty easy to make!
Triangle cookie cutter, and pipe on the icing with piping bags.

Favourite DIY:
Originally when i looked at this, I thought they were tea towels - but that can definitely be done with the same method, just using fabric paint!

Over the last few years, the new mommy's I know has increased, so I always love to throw in a few cute ideas for those mommy's with kids!

Here are some of my favourites.

Favourite Kids Ideas:

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