Interior Design Classes

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I haven't been posting much lately because I am trying to juggle a full time job and classes! 
It is a lot harder than I expected it to be, and I'm counting down the days until I am finished working full-time so I can really focus.

Apartment Reveal

Over the past few months, I have been working on decorating our new apartment!
This is our first place of our own, where we aren't sharing with other people.

Friday Favourites: Light and Airy

It's the beginning of summer for so many people - but I feel like my summers are always filled with a lot of hard work!
Take me back to when I was just relaxing the past few months.

This weeks favourites were very easy to pick - I love them!

Favourite Interior:
This living room has so much detail if you take a moment to look. At first glance it is very light and airy, but has so many unique pieces, which may seem heavier at first.
I love this! Many bold choices that turned out amazing.