Friday Favourites: Back to School

It's that time of year - back to school.
Back to school doesn't have to be a bad thing, it is great to start fresh and buy some new things.
Here are some of my favourite back to school items.

Favourite Dorm Room:
I love the way this dorm room is decorated! It is realistically crammed in, maybe the floor won't be like that, but you can throw down a nice area rug. I love all of the light colours and throw pillows! 

Favourite Exercise Plan:
Back to school is the perfect chance to get in a routine of working out and eating healthy. I follow Sophie Gray on Instagram, and she is a very inspirational person, and she is a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer. She just came out with a great eBook with many routines and videos including yoga and a workout, as well as food plans! Even if you aren't interested in the plan, follow her on Instagram! Here is a sample of her plan, which includes a workout video and a meal plan.
Update: I am currently following Kayla Itsines BBG and I absolutely love it!

Favourite Breakfast:
Apple of my Eye: Baked Oatmeal
I love this recipe! I have made it multiple times and it is always a success. It is a healthy breakfast option - but it is so good, you won't even realize it is health, and you will feel great after having it!

Favourite Fashion:
I love this back to school outfit! Where I live, it is still pretty hot when back to school time rolls around, so this outfit can be worn with or without a jacket depending on the temperature. This is a great transitional outfit for end of summer beginning of fall!

Favourite DIY:
delineateyourdwelling 20 Back to School DIY's
This is a great list of 20 different back to school DIY's, which is perfect to get you in the back to school mood! And hopefully make you a little more productive. I find if I am excited about the tools I am using and surroundings I am in, I want to do work so I can use them!

Favourite Organization Tip:
Thyme is Honey: Organize Your Day
I love this planner - you can buy the one above or make your own. It helps you have an organized and productive day - and there is a lot of satisfaction in checking things off as you get them done.

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