Friday Favourites: A Glitzy Gold Christmas

Christmas is days away!
I don't have much of a Christmas vacation this year, but it's the weekend now, so at least there are a few days off to look forward to!

Favourite Baking Inspiration: 
A Little Christmas from
These are adorable!! I love them so much. Might be a bit challenging to ice but they are amazing, so it would be fun to try!

Friday Favourites: An Evergreen Christmas

A favourite childhood memory of mine is the smell of the pine needles, and all of the beautiful natural Christmas decorations. 
Christmas is so close, we can definitely smell it with all of these natural green decor inspirations!

Favourite Gift Wrapping: (left) and (right)
I think it is a really sweet idea to wrap a little piece of greenery onto gifts, it adds that traditional Christmas touch, and also looks great under the tree.

Friday Favourites: Rustic Christmas

I am really getting into these themed Christmas favourite posts!
I never intended to do this, but I am rolling with it now because I love when everything goes together and matches! 
I love rustic Christmas decor, it reminds me of what a traditional old school Christmas would have been like and the natural charm. 

Favourite Table Setting: 
Table Setting from
I love when table setting decor is very natural and simple, the main colour is green, and I think it looks beautiful! This would be a very simple Christmas table setting, just table extra greenery and lay it down the centre, and put lots of tea lights, as well as wrapping the napkins up with twine and adding a little piece of greenery to it. 

25 Days of Christmas Baking Countdown

I have always wanted to do a 25 days to Christmas baking countdown, and this year I decided to make it happen! 
Each day leading up to Christmas I am going to post a Christmas recipe, which hopefully will inspire some Christmas baking for everyone!
Stay tuned, as update this post with a new recipe every day.
Also check out this super cute wallpaper set: Deck the Halls with Bowls of Frosting (for desktop, iPhone, iPad and to print and frame!) from Cake Blog.
Click the link to download the different sizes.

Friday Favourites: Christmas in White

Hopefully everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit!
I know I am with all of the decorations and Christmas baking that is going on over here.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Favourite Decor:
Living room from (left) & Bedroom from (right)
I love both of these looks, probably because of the light colours accents with reds, or golds and silvers for Christmas, with all of the greenery, it looks amazing!

Friday Favourites: Easing into Christmas

Not everyone is as ready for Christmas as I am, but since it's going to snow in Toronto this weekend, I thought this post eased us into the Christmas spirit and season!
There are always so many amazing ideas on Pinterest, and these are some of my favourites so far. 

Favourite Inspiration:
Winter Scene from (left) &
Hot Chocolate Bar  from (right)
These are not necessarily Christmas inspirations, but more winter feels. I love the winter scene and the hot chocolate bar is such a cute idea. I did something similar last year with Baileys, but I love the printables available on Hawthorne and Main (link above).

Friday Favourites: The In-between Season

I struggled so much with this post - I am starting to decorate for Christmas, but I know not everyone is ready for Christmas yet!! Plus I think it is important to be respectful of Remembrance Day.
 Though, I love Christmas spirit, so Christmas will start exploding over here soon! 
For my Friday Favourites this week, I tried to make it about the in-between fall and christmas season!

Favourite Recipe:
Gingerbread Bars from
These look so delicious and I am starting to make a list of all of the amazing Christmas recipes I want to try, and This is definitely going to make it on the list. I have never had something like this, so I think it is worth a try!

Friday Favourites: Happy Halloween!

TGIF - and Halloween weekend! These are some of my favourite inspirations for Halloween costumes, decor and baking!
Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Favourite Table: 
I love themed dinners - not that I ever get the chance to host them, but I love the concept!! Hopefully in the future I will get the chance to use all my favourite table setting themes. I think this one is great for halloween, and the old bottles spray painted black, with the candles in them!

Friday Favourites: Thanksgiving

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I can't wait for a weekend filled with Fall love.
I love all the decor, food and baking - plus family coming together, and the leaves changing colours.
Really looking forward to a weekend relaxing.
Some really cute favourites this year, and I will probably do some of them myself!
Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

Favourite Idea: 
Editable Thanksgiving Place Cards from Bloom Designs online
I did something really similar to this last year, and I will probably make these this year! I think they are so cute, and they are really easy to do. Last year I just printed onto a brown paper bag from the dollar store - I just fed it into the printer, and then cut it to size after!

Favourite Apple Desserts

I've seen so many cute apple picking photos on my feed this week!
I'm living in the city now, so no orchard nearby - but a coworker brought me apples, so I had to do some baking.
After seeing so many delicious looking recipes, I had to share some of my favourites.
I hope they inspire you to do some Fall baking!
Toffee Apple Cupcakes from Love and Custard

Stuffed Apple Crumble

These have been an obsession this summer at the cottage! I think I may have baked this recipe over ten times in the last two months! They may look complicated to make, but the ingredients are simple - and once you give it a try, they aren't hard to make!

Friday Favourites: Design

Before I go all out with my Fall baking and favourites, and Pinterest explodes with Fall even more than it already is, I needed to share some of my favourite design photos.
I had a backlog of Friday Favourite designs, and I thought why not share them all at once instead of trying to mix them into my fall posts! 
I love all of these spaces and wish they were mine, I hope you enjoy them - and enjoy the weekend!

Favourite Recipe: 
Trend Forecast: Romantic Industrialist from
I love the exposed brick, and the soft colours! Plus the gold and rose gold accents, and the beautiful big windows!

Friday Favourites: Is it Fall yet?!

I'm getting back into the swing of things, and that means Friday Favourites are back!
I am getting super excited for fall and all of the amazing baking ideas I have planned. Plus I love adding cute decor items around the house. 
I think fall might be one of my favourite seasons! I think there is such an amazing energy in the air and overall atmosphere.
Besides my excitement for fall - it's Friday, which is also pretty exciting! 
Have an amazing weekend.

Favourite Recipe: 
Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake Bars from
These bars are so drool worthy! I definitely think I have to try baking these soon. I hold off on pumpkin flavoured things until fall and then I go all out. I love the combination of different layers!

Guilt-free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I am so obsessed with these muffins! We have been making them for lunches the past few weeks! They are a new favourite at our house. The bonus is that they are filled with ingredients that you can feel good about!

Reimagined Home Office: Modern Home Office Trends That Break Away From the Cookie-Cutter Look

This week, I was very lucky to have guest blogger Amy Spanola for LuxeDecor share modern home office trends that break away from the cookie-cutter look. 
Coming up to the new school year, and many grads starting new jobs - it's great to have these beautiful looks and inspirations. I know I have just moved, and I'm starting a new job so these photos are definitely being added to my home office inspirations!

Summer 2016

Summer 2016 is coming to an end and what an amazing one it has been! In case you wondered why I have been MIA, and why I have been travelling so much, it's because this is our last summer of freedom before work and school. My boyfriend is starting school (probably another 8 years or more), and I am starting work (plus taking courses still)! 

Backpacking: How We Packed

When we were planning our trip we decided we didn't want to worry about leaving anything at hostels. So... we decided to buy daypacks and carry everything with us every day! Maybe that sounds crazy, but it actually worked out really well for us. There was never a time where we needed more space, we tried to keep it as simple as possible. 


It's the last day of our backpacking portion of the trip, and we had most of the day to spend in Amsterdam. 

Bruges and Brussels, Belgium

 We had a beautiful sunny day in Brussels and enjoyed walking around enjoying the atmosphere. 

Füssen and Munich, Germany

Today was the absolute perfect day. We caught a horse drawn carriage up to Neuschwanstein castle, and took a tour around the castle - the paintings and everything were gorgeous! 

Plitvice Lakes and Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb has been a different kind of adventure than Budapest, but we've still really enjoyed it! 


Budapest has been an amazing stop on our backpacking trip! We have had two beautiful days here and managed to see everything - even some things twice! 

Madrid in five hours

Today we are starting the next leg of our trip where Chris and I are backpacking on our own! Today we flew from Santiago to Madrid, and spent 5 hours exploring the beautiful city! 


Photo from
The next part of our trip we are backpacking - with just a daypack!
I wanted to keep things simple, and get the backpacking feel within a short time period. We are hitting a few countries in only a short amount of time, and I am really excited.

Camino de Santiago

Photo from
The next two weeks I will be walking a portion of the Camino de Santiago, walking approximately 25km a day, so I decided I would post about this journey! In addition, I will be posting about the rest of our travels (we are away for two months!!!).  

Friday Favourites: Valentine's Day ideas

It's finally Friday, and that means it's reading week/spring break for us now!
We are heading to Mont Tremblant for Valentine's Day/Family Day weekend, something we look forward to all year. 
Though we won't really get a chance to celebrate Valentine's as we are away with family, I still wanted to share some of my favourites - because there are so many cute ideas!

Happy love day everyone!

Favourite Outfit:
25 Beautiful Pink Outfits for Fall and Winter form
I think this outfit is so cute, and if I was going on a cute valentine's day, this is what i'd love to wear! It is so cute and perfect!

Friday Favourites: Super Bowl 50

It's almost time for Super Bowl 50, and though I do not follow football very much, I always watch the Super Bowl. Plus - I know a lot of my readers are from the US, so I have to show you guys some love, and make a post of my favourite Super Bowl related things!
Have a great weekend everyone!

If you still need more ideas, here are two other Super Bowl related posts from previous years:

Favourite Party Ideas: 
Football Party Ideas from Number 2 Pencil
I love this cute little set up - even just the popcorn bags, and the football sign. Those are two very easy DIY's for a party. Plus I just love popcorn... a lot!

Friday Favourites: Cozy Winter Weekend

It's been snowy and cold where I live, and my boyfriend and I have been trying to do some winter activities! We have a holiday coming up where we will be doing lots of wintery activities, and my post today is inspired by that - winter coziness.
Happy Friday!

Right Photo from
Left Photo from It'sOnlyNatural by kathy

Friday Favourites: Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day is only a month away, and there are so many cute ideas all over Pinterest!
I really want to do so many of them - plus I work in retail, and seeing all the cute things coming in kills me, I want them all!

Hopefully everyone is back into the swing of thing! I am doing pretty well at keeping on schedule, and not lazing around... and trying to blog more!
Happy Friday!

Favourite Decor:
Neutral Valentine's Decor from
I really love changing things up and adding little pops of seasonal decor, even for smaller holidays like valentine's day, it adds a little excitement into everyday decor. This blog has some really cute ideas!

Friday Favourites: Winter Decor

It's the end of the first week of January after running on holiday time for two weeks - back to reality!
I am reallllly trying to make the effort to get on a regular schedule where I post more, and have a workout and school routine as well! 
These are some of my favourites this week, inspired by Winter decor (how to decorate post Christmas).

Favourite Decor:
Winter Decor from Pinterest 
Just because Christmas is over, doesn't mean you need to put all the decorations away. It's still winter, so keep out all the cozy blankets, fur throws, candles, and other wintery objects that aren't super Christmassy! I know I kept out my fur throw, blankets, wintery pillows, plain green wreath, pinecones and antler accessory! I love seasonal decor - not point in putting it away when you can still enjoy it!