Friday Favourites: Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day is only a month away, and there are so many cute ideas all over Pinterest!
I really want to do so many of them - plus I work in retail, and seeing all the cute things coming in kills me, I want them all!

Hopefully everyone is back into the swing of thing! I am doing pretty well at keeping on schedule, and not lazing around... and trying to blog more!
Happy Friday!

Favourite Decor:
Neutral Valentine's Decor from
I really love changing things up and adding little pops of seasonal decor, even for smaller holidays like valentine's day, it adds a little excitement into everyday decor. This blog has some really cute ideas!

Favourite Recipe:
Heart Pie from
I think that this is so cute - I realllly want to make it! Too bad my boyfriend doesn't like cherries... have to make it with a different filling. Love the idea though! You could even buy prepared pastry, and prepared filling and it would be very very easy!

Favourite DIY:
Valentine's Candy Printables from
I love these and think they are a cute idea for any age - I would totally make these for friends or family! I know I am spending Valentine's day on a ski holiday with my family, so these would be really cute to give them something small for Valentine's day! 

Favourite Printable:
Valentine's Printable Art from
I am obsessed with seasonal art! I have a few frames in my kitchen and bathroom that I change seasonally, and I always find great printables on Pinterest. 

Favourite Nails:
Valentine's Nails from
If you have the time, why not paint your nails all cute for Valentine's day!? I love to do this type of thing if I have the time!

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