Friday Favourites: Super Bowl 50

It's almost time for Super Bowl 50, and though I do not follow football very much, I always watch the Super Bowl. Plus - I know a lot of my readers are from the US, so I have to show you guys some love, and make a post of my favourite Super Bowl related things!
Have a great weekend everyone!

If you still need more ideas, here are two other Super Bowl related posts from previous years:

Favourite Party Ideas: 
Football Party Ideas from Number 2 Pencil
I love this cute little set up - even just the popcorn bags, and the football sign. Those are two very easy DIY's for a party. Plus I just love popcorn... a lot!

Favourite DIY:
Game day from
I think that these are also great DIY's for a football party for snacks and other things! The cups are especially easy - could do that with white tape easily. 

Favourite Food Idea:
Bacon Cheese Ball from
I may not eat bacon, but I can appreciate how amazing this would taste! I also feel like it would be pretty easy to do. I would say, if you shaped the cheese while it was still in the wrapper, it would make that a little easier, and the bacon would stick pretty easily as well. Then, cut little strips of cheese to put on the top. 

Favourite Sweet Treats: 
I love sweet too much to not post more than one sweet treat for the Super Bowl!!
All of these look so amazing and I wish I could be eating them right now!

Chocolate Cookie Dough Balls from Life Love and Sugar

Touchdown Brownies from

Football Cake Pops from Baked with Love and Butter

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